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Kelly Roell

Membean - Astounding New Vocabulary Site

By April 28, 2011

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Membean logoIf you're an SAT or GRE student overwhelmed by the amount of vocabulary you should probably learn for the test, then listen to me right now:

There is a solution.

I always love sharing things that will make your testing life easier, and Membean is just the ticket, let me tell you.

What is it?

Membean is a website that offers full vocabulary acquisition. It provides a simple, engaging way to learn a mound of vocabulary before the big day. And when I mean engaging, I'm not talking dancing puppets on sticks or rock stars belting vocab words: this site will hook you. I tried to get off three times and couldn't.

It works by engaging your whole mind when presenting a new vocabulary word. You'll hear the word spoken, see photos and videos related to the word, view the etymology and wordmap, read it in contextually applicable sentences and in real news articles, and have the ability to store it for more work later.

To see what I mean, you just have to try it with some sample words:

See? Cool, huh? Teachers (the good ones) have been using these strategies for years, and it's fantastic to see that some test prep companies are actually consulting educators to create products.


Thanks to Kenneth Beare, About.com's guide to ESL, for sending the site my way!


April 29, 2011 at 2:51 am
(1) Micah Elliott says:

Glad you liked it, Kelly! Thanks for the encouraging feedback. We’ve had a lot of fun building Membean, and I hope our new users will enjoy using it as much as I do.

April 30, 2011 at 2:38 pm
(2) Brett Brunner says:

Yes, I’ve been a Latin teacher now for 21 years, using Latin and Greek words to teach SAT English vocabulary to middle and high school students, of varying abilities. This site truly hits each and every learner, no matter her learning style. Fabulous!

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