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Kelly Roell

Cheaters Gonna Cheat

By January 8, 2013

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CheatingMany people believe that cheating is just par for the educational course. You go to school, you want the grade, you cheat to get it. Kids have been copying answers off their neighbors' tests since tests were created (way back in dinosaur days).

But with cyber education at an all-time high, cheaters are taking their cheating to whole new levels. Students who are required to participate in online forums are paying others to do the chatting for them. They're hiring essayists to write their papers. They're stealing content from Wikipedia and posting it as their own. According to OnlineMastersDegree, 82% of college alumni admit to cheating while getting their degree, and their cheating comes from a lifetime habit.

Although schools are hiring the brightest minds in the techie world to combat cyber cheating, it's tough to crack down on something that's so slippery. With every new educational transformation comes sixteen different tentacles worming their way in to break it. The educational landscape evolves, and so do the cheaters.

My philosophy is pretty much summed up in the less than grammatically perfect title of this article: Cheaters gonna cheat. If students really want to maneuver their way to an "A" instead of applying the study skills necessary to get a perfect score, then they'll do it. Teachers can plug in suspicious phrasing into Google to check for plagiarism or rely on snooping technology to make their busts for them, but if a kid wants to cheat, he or she will figure out a way to do it.

Their lesson will be learned outside of the classroom. I knew a guy who cheated his way through college. He lied on his resume, scored a good job with his ability to hedge details, and then failed, miserably, when he was put to task for not knowing the skills he should have acquired.

He's currently selling shoes.

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