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Kelly Roell

Should You Take GRE Classes?

By January 29, 2013

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Raising Hand in ClassWhen you've registered for the Revised GRE and you're on a mission for that perfect score, one of the preps you may consider is a GRE class. But, is it for you? GRE classes are certainly not for everyone. For one, they can be expensive, whereas a GRE book isn't at all. Plus, there's the commute and the commitment. It isn't worth it, right?

Not necessarily!

Although some GRE classes can be pricey, and the commitment can be taxing, the sacrifices you make can be 100% worth it if you need to study in a GRE class. Plus, since many classes are offered online, the commute problem is moot. So, how do you know if a GRE course is right for you? Check out this list of reasons that would preclude a solo study session:

  1. You're an auditory learner. Hearing someone else chatting about the test tips, strategies and content will help seal them in your brain. Auditory learners retain information the best when it's read aloud or verbalized in some way. If you're studying alone, chances are good you won't be reading everything out loud.
  2. You have trouble staying focused during study sessions. You're pretty much guaranteed to stay more focused during a class than you will be during a private study session, especially if your mind often wanders. You can't just get on the phone or jump onto Facebook if you're discussing a problem in a group or answering questions posed by a teacher.

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