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Kelly Roell

Test Prep Tasty Tidbit: Study Parallelism

By February 7, 2013

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foodHere's your test prep tasty tidbit for the week. Eat 'em up!

Test Prep Tasty Tidbit: Study Parallelism

The Verbal sections on standardized exams will often test you on parallel structure. What's that mean? Basically, items in a list should match grammatically. In a sentence, if a past tense verb begins the first clause, a past tense verb should begin the next. If you use a gerund to describe your first favorite activity (running), then you should use a gerund to describe the rest (I like running, reading, and swimming.). Saying something like, "I like to run, swimming, and going on hikes." would be grammatically incorrect because it lacks parallel structure.

Want to see what a parallel structure question looks like on the GMAT Verbal section? Check it out in this article:

7 Common Grammar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Verbal Score

Verbal Sections of Popular Exams:


February 13, 2013 at 8:25 am
(1) Linda Kaye says:

Of great importance is to begin studying months before the SAT and work regularly and consistently. Learning the grammar rules, increasing vocabulary, and enhancing essay skills– each is a time consuming endeavor.
Also, use a book which includes detailed answer explanations so that the student is able to enhance skills by learning from inevitable mistakes

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