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ESL Dialogue - A Drink at the Bar - English as 2nd Language
After a stressful day, Mr. Jackson relaxes at the bar. The bartender, Mark, responds to a few complaints while he serves Mr. Jackson his favorite cocktail.
Cleaning Staff - A Drink at the Bar - English as 2nd Language
Dialogue Quiz - A Drink at the Bar. Choose the correct answer to these questions based on the dialogue. Each question has only one correct answer. When you ...
Business Insurance - Insuring a Bar
Bars, taverns, inns, or any business that sells alcohol to the public have special insurance needs. Business insurance for a bar requires liability and property ...
What is a Call Drink at a Bar? - About.com Cocktails
A common term at the bar, a 'call drink' allows the drinker to define their preferred liquor brand.
The Bar Dictionary - About.com Cocktails
The bar and cocktail scene has its own set of words used to describe various aspects of the craft. Read about these terms and find more information in The Bar  ...
Bar Basics - About.com Cocktails
Essential to mixing drinks, these techniques are some of the first things you will need in the bar. They're simple and there are a few tricks you can practice to ...
Essential Home Bar Tools and Utensils - About.com Cocktails
There are some basic tools needed to make cocktails that should be top priority when outfitting your home bar. Some of these items are already in the kitchen ...
What Is a Bar Mitzvah? - About Judaism
This article is about the religious ceremony and party referred to as a bar mitzvah.
Popular Shots and Shooters a Bartender Should Know
There are many shooters out there and each area will have local favorites, these are just some of the more universal ones - old and new. Some bars will serve a ...
Professional Bartending Advice (Top 10 Service Tips)
Nothing says unprofessional bartender (or one who simply doesn't care) more than a dirty bar. Use clean bar towels to wipe down the bar top anytime you see ...
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