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What Is a Bar Mitzvah? - Judaism - About.com
This article is about the religious ceremony and party referred to as a bar mitzvah.
What Does It Mean to "Become a Bar Mitzvah?" - Judaism - About.com
Bar Mitzvah literally translates as "son of commandment." The word "bar" means " son" in Aramaic, which was the commonly spoken vernacular language of the ...
History of Bar Code - Inventors - About.com
The first patent for bar code was issued to inventors Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver on October 7 1952.
Essential Cocktail Mixers to Stock in Your Home Bar - Cocktails
A list of juices, sodas, and other non-alcoholic cocktail mixers that are recommended for a well-stocked home bar. Page 4.
Essential Spirits and Mixers to Stock in Your Bar
You will want to keep the majority of these base liquors stocked in your bar all the time. Having at least one bottle of each will ensure that you can mix up almost ...
Explaining the Apple Store Genius Bar - iPhone/iPod - About.com
The Genius Bar is the name for the in-store tech support provided in retail Apple Stores.
Essential Spirits, Liqueurs and Mixers to Stock in Your Bar - Cocktails
A guide to essential distilled spirits, mixers and garnishes that are recommended for a well-stocked home bar.
Essential Home Bar Tools and Utensils - Cocktails - About.com
There are some basic tools needed to make cocktails that should be top priority when outfitting your home bar. Some of these items are already in the kitchen ...
What to Expect at a Bar in Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Italian bars are different than bars in the US. Definition of the Italian bar. What to expect from bars in Italy.
Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gifts - Judaism - About.com
Question: Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gifts. I was invited to a bar/bat mitzvah. Should I bring a gift? If so, what kind of gift is appropriate? Answer: Although not required  ...
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