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How to Pass the Bar Exam - Law School - About.com
Tips for preparing for the bar exam -- sign up for a review course; make a studying schedule and stick to it, etc.
Bar Exam - All About the Bar Exam - Law School - About.com
Find out everything you need to know about taking the bar exam: where you should take it, how to study for it, and how to manage stress throughout the process.
Five Reasons People Fail the Bar Exam - Law School - About.com
One question that has come up a bit recently is why people fail the bar exam. Generally speaking here are five common reasons folks are unsuccessful.
Should You Handwrite the Bar Exam? - Law School - About.com
Although the popular trend is to type the bar exam, some prefer to handwrite the test. Take these into considerations before abandoning the computer.
Bar Exam - Steve Liosi Talks Bar Exam Prep - Law School - About.com
Steve Liosi, program director at BarPerfect.com, is talking with us about bar exam prep: 1. First things first: How important is it that law school graduates take the ...
How to Successfully Study for the Bar Exam While Working
I think it is becoming more and more popular to study for the bar exam while working, especially if you are a repeat taker. Although working can lessen the ...
The Challenges of Working and Studying for the Bar Exam
In the last few years, this issue of working while studying for the bar exam has come up over and over again, especially for those studying after a bar exam ...
How to Choose an Online Law School and Become a Lawyer
Step 7: Pass the Bar Exam. Finally, after completing your online law degree and fulfilling the other requirements, you may take the California Bar Exam. The bar ...
Should You Skip This Bar Exam? - Law School - About.com
Some of you reading this may be on the fence about whether or not to take the next upcoming bar exam.
How Much Does It Cost to Study for and Take the Bar Exam?
Have you thought through the costs of studying for the bar exam? If not, here are some (sobering) realities you want to consider.
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