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Testmasters GRE Courses


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GRE Courses Introduction

If you've set your sights on mastering the GRE before you register, then you know you'll need to prepare for it with practice tests, books, apps, tutoring or GRE courses. If taking a class has been on your mind or you're consider whether or not you should take one, then you're in the right spot! Many test prep companies out there offer GRE courses to help you master the skills, testing techniques and knowledge you'll need for test day. Testmasters is one of those companies.

Testmasters GRE Courses

Testmasters, started in 1991 in Houston, Texas, is a test prep company offering classroom courses, tutoring, online classes, and books for various standardized exams like the SAT, ACT, GMAT, etc. But since you're in the market for GRE courses, then the three following GRE courses are probably what you're most interested in!

Testmasters offers a guaranteed 10-point increase, too, which is unique for this business: "Any students who enroll and take the Testmasters GRE preparation course will increase their GRE score by 10 points between day 1 of the course and the day that the GRE is taken, provided that the student attends all classes and does all of the assigned homework. If the improvement is not achieved, the student may attend the next available GRE course at no additional charge.

Many test prep companies offer repeat courses for students dissatisfied with their scores, but few offer a score increase guarantee. Testmasters is one that does.

The Testmasters GRE Classroom Prep Course

The Basics

Testmasters's GRE Classroom Prep Course is just what you'd think it would be: you'll take your classes in an actual classroom with an actual Testmasters teacher, someone who is required to take the GRE repeatedly, so as to be 100% certain of the training efficacy. The teachers have hours of training, provided by the company, and score highly on the tests themselves. Although when I searched, I didn't find a classroom course in my area, there were others within a 100 mile radius of my zip code, so naturally, the classes and times will vary according to your exact location.

The Price

At press time the cost was $899 – $1,295 varying by location

The Inclusions

  • 36 hours of instruction (12 Sessions of 3 to 4 Hours per Class)
  • Over 1000 pages of materials with unique strategies for GRE
  • The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test
  • Testmasters GRE Course Manual, containing actual GRE questions from past administrations
  • Four Full-length GRE Exams with Computerized Feedback

The Testmasters GRE Online Prep Course

The Basics

Testmasters's GRE Online Prep Course is a series of recorded lessons that you can watch at your own convenience. It contains the exact same content as the live classroom course and although you don't get the benefit of live instructors who can answer your questions immediately, you can stop the class if you get interrupted, watch the classes multiple times and nix the commute to a live classroom, too.

The Price

At press time the cost was $895 – $1,295 varying by location

The Inclusions

  • Lesson plans that follows the Testmasters GRE course format
  • Testmasters GRE prep course manual
  • The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test
  • 3 Full-length GRE practice exams
  • Computerized feedback on actual GRE practice exams evaluating your strengths and weaknesses
  • Free online grading for the essays

Signing Up for Testmasters's GRE Courses

If you like what you see, you can call 1-800-910-3926 to enroll, or you can head to Testmasters's website to check availability and sign up online.

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