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Worthwhile Revised GRE Testing Prep Options


You have GRE testing on your mind, do you? You're worrying about your Revised GRE prep options, saving for courses, downloading apps and buying every book you can think of to help you get ready for the big testing day. The only thing you haven't done is figure out which classes, apps, books, and practice tests are going to help you get ready to ace your GRE testing session and knock everyone's socks right off their feet. Which prep options are worth it? That's where this article comes in very handy.

I've done all the tough research for you. I've scoured the Internet, interviewed test prep companies, downloaded apps and read all the books to help you locate GRE testing prep that's actually worth the download, the cash and your time. What you'll find below is a list of some of my top picks for GRE prep. Brows through the selections to see which may be most helpful for you!

GRE Books Worth The Purchase

Young man with books
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Features: The books designed to help you nail your GRE testing session are chock-full of dozens of features to ensure you're ready for test day. You'll find vocabulary cards, practice tests, screenshots of the actual GRE test interface, included DVDs for more practice, and instant scoring with performance ratings. This list contains books from Kaplan and The Princeton Review to lesser known companies like The Research and Education Association, Inc.

Price Range: ~$14.00 - ~$28.00

Why Prep With a Book? Purchasing a test prep book has some serious advantages, not the least of which is price. If you're a motivated studier, you can get ready for this hugely important test for the price of dinner at your local diner! Plus, since books have no time commitments, you can study at your own pace no matter where you are. No WIFI connection needed!

Get the Best GRE Books!

GRE Apps Worth The Download

Princeton Review iPad SAT app
Princeton Review

Features: Some of these bad boys are good enough to get you prepped without any other purchase, whereas others are good as a supplement to the GRE prep you're already using. You'll see apps with practice tests, vocabulary flashcards, interactive interfaces so you can work out the Quantitative problems, and much, much more.

Price Range: Free (which doesn't always mean free – read up on the in-app purchases) up to $9.99

Why Prep With an App? A good app is worth its weight in gold. Honestly. Sometimes, you want to supplement your learning with an app when you're waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting in the movie theater waiting for the show to start. Pick up one of these apps if you need to prep on the fly without lugging anything around but your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Get the GRE Apps!

GRE Practice Tests Worth Your Login

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Features: All of the listed practice tests here are free and every one of them is online. Whether you need to prepare for the Quantitative section, brush up on Verbal Reasoning, or hone your Analytical Writing skills, these practice tests have you covered. One of the links leads you to ETS, the makers of the GRE, while others guide you to test prep companies willing to donate a free practice exam to your worthy cause.

Price Range: Free!!

Why Prep With a Practice Test? You can complete all the practice questions in the world on paper, but fail miserably during the actual GRE if you get confused answering questions without a pencil in your hand. It makes perfect sense to practice with computerized tests because when most of you sit for the GRE, you'll be taking the computer-based exam. Plus, since these practice tests are free, it's a win-win for everyone.

Get the Free GRE Practice Tests!

GRE Courses Worth The Time

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Features: There is literally no better way to get you prepared for the GRE than in a GRE prep course or with an incredibly gifted private tutor. These GRE prep courses offer a range of course dates, times and formats. You can study at home with a live online or on-demand course. You can study at an actual prep site with a group of like-minded fellow students. You can choose the number of hours you'd like to prepare – from just a weekend to months! And with the purchase of a GRE prep course, you'll get tons of practice tests, personalized help, and in some cases, the guarantee of a higher score or your money back.

Price Range: $395 - $1200+

Why Prep With a GRE Course? Maybe you're an auditory learner. Perhaps sitting still for hours on end reading a course book puts you to sleep; you need to hear the material in order to learn it! Or, maybe you lack the self-motivation to study. You know yourself too well. If you get the choice between studying and watching TV, you're going to browse through Netflix. In any case, choosing a GRE class is a fantastic way to prep if you don't mind shelling out the dough.

Get the GRE Classes!

Was Your GRE Course Worthwhile?

Now's your chance! Rate your test prep service for other students trying to get ready to rock their GRE testing session. Don't be shy! List the good, the bad and the ugly. We want to hear it all!

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