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How to Study For a Test

Need to know how to study for a test? Any test? These articles will help you learn how to study for a test in school like a multiple choice or essay test, or a standardized test, one that can get you into college or grad school. Learn how to study for a test before you ever pick up the book!
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How to Study for a Test, Quiz, or Exam
Learning how to study varies by what kind of test you're studying for. Are you learning how to study for a test in school? For a standardized exam like the ACT or GRE ? Here are several articles to explain to you the ins and outs of how to study no matter what type of testing situation you face.

How to Help Kids Study For a Test or Quiz
If you are a parent or another concerned adult, you probably want to help your kids study for their quizzes and tests, but struggle to figure out exactly what to do. Here are some easy, time-saving tips to help your elementary, middle school, and high school kids study for an exam. The tips, arranged by grade level, will save you time and help...

How to Study for a Chapter Test
If you have a chapter test coming up, here's a great way to prepare! These five steps will help you study for a chapter test whether you have a review guide or not.

5 Ways to Get Back on Track if You're Losing Focus When You Study
Losing focus when you study is not the end of the world. There are quick, easy ways to get back on track if you find yourself nodding off, bored, antsy, busy or just distracted. Check out these five easy easy ways to regain focus if you've lost it when you're trying to study for a quiz, test, or standardized exam.

5 Things To Do the Day of the Test
Everyone has those nervous butterflies zipping around in their insides the day of the test, but when you have just minutes before your teacher, professor, or proctor distributes the test, what else can you do? It's already the day of the test! Sure, it's probably too late to learn Quantitative Reasoning strategies for the GRE, but the day of...

How to Study for Final Exams in College
If you're wondering whether or not you know the best way to study for final exams, then check this out. Here's your "How to study for final exams in college" guide! These five tips can help you maximize the little time you have to get the best score possible on your final!

How to Study for a Multiple Choice Exam
If you have a big multiple choice exam coming up, then here are some multiple choice exam study strategies to help you score big. Sure, you could cram the night before, but if you learn how to study for a multiple choice exam, you'll be much more pleased with your grade. Ho

How to Study for an Essay Exam
If your teacher drops the "essay test" bomb on you, fight back! Here are some insider tips on how to study for an essay test from an English teacher. Follow these steps on how to study for an essay test and be sure to ace your essay test every time.

Multiple Choice Test Tips
We all have to take a multiple choice test at some point in our lives. It's worth it to follow some multiple choice test tips while taking the exam, especially since these multiple choice test strategies can increase your score. Invest the time! These tips are valuable no matter which type of test you're taking.

How to Study for a Test
Do you need to study for a test? It is just a few days away? Great! You're in luck. Here, I'll show you a day by day study schedule to help you study for a test that's a few days away with tips to help you study for a test more effectively, too.

Tips for Studying for a Midterm Exam
If you have a midterm coming up, then you'll need these tips for studying! Here is a step-by-step process for getting information organized and into your brain whether you have six days or more before the test or are studying the night before.

How to Study for a Vocab Quiz
Do you know the best way to study for a vocab quiz? Here are strategies that show you how to study for a vocab quiz whether you're taking a matching, written, multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank quiz. These tips will help you prepare so you can get the best possible score!

How to Help Your Kid in Middle School Study
If you need to know how to help your kid in middle school study, then check out these four ways to help that middle schooler of yours study for a quiz or test in school. Get ready! They strategies involve some sweat, some planning and a little bit of friendly competition.

How to Help Your Kid Study in High School
If you need to help your kid study in high school, but aren't sure when to lecture and when to let them go it alone, check out this advice! Here, you'll find four ways for both solo study and partnered learning, to help your high school kid study his or her best!

Four Easy Ways To Help Your Elementary Child Study
Do you need some fun, easy ways to help your child review? Check out these four easy ways to help your elementary child study. They will help your kid stay focused long enough to earn a better score!

Study for an Exam in Two Days
Learn how to study for an exam in just 2 days. Sure, a longer time frame is ideal, but that's not often what we get, right? If you learn these "study for an exam in 2 days" tips, though, you'll be well on your way to a score that won't leave you crying.

Studying for a Test in Three Days
If you need tips for studying for a test when you have just 3 days left, here's a study schedule that will help you get a great score. Studying for a test isn't always easy, but it's definitely manageable if you follow this "studying for a test" advice.

How Do You Study For a Test in Five Days?
So you have five days left and you're asking, "How do you study for a test in 5 days?" Well, it's easy! You've given yourself plenty of time to study for a test, so the question isn't when, but how. Do you study for a test at one time? Do you study a little bit per day? Check out how to study for a test in five days here.

Study Schedule for a Test Six Days Away
Need a study schedule for your test? This study schedule will help you prepare for a test that's six days away, with links to study schedules for fewer days. Check out this study schedule to help you prepare for the big test!

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