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Need LSAT prep? You've come to the right spot. These are all LSAT prep options that you can use to study for the LSAT test and increase your LSAT score. Some of these LSAT prep options require purchase; others are free. Take a look around!

Top 4 Fantastic LSAT Testing Prep Options
Wondering whether or not you should take an LSAT course instead of buying a book or downloading an app? Want to know the best options for practice tests, classes, books and apps? Perfect! Here are the top four LSAT testing prep options so you're ready when test day rolls around.

Best LSAT Books
Are you ready to study for the LSAT, but don't have a spare arm and a leg to sell in order to buy test prep? Pick up one of these best LSAT books to help you prepare for the big day!

LSAT Apps Worth The Download
Do you need to prepare for the LSAT, but don't want to spend the time and money on an LSAT course or tutoring? Then consider one of these LSAT apps. They're worth the download!

Free LSAT Practice Tests
Are you preparing for the LSAT? Great! Here are some free LSAT practice tests provided by some of the nation's best test prep companies. You'll see links for both in-person and online practice tests, but you can rest assured that they are all free!

Should I Take LSAT Classes?
Are you wondering whether or not you should take LSAT courses instead of buying a book or downloading an app? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide to buy, and several options if you do want to take LSAT classes!

Kaplan LSAT Courses
Want to know the details, in plain English, about Kaplan's LSAT course options? Of course you do! Here are Kaplan's LSAT courses so you can plan your test prep accordingly.

PowerScore LSAT Courses
Do you want to get some more information about PowerScore LSAT courses? Great! Here are the details about the available PowerScore LSAT classes (online, live and on-demand)so you can plan your test prep accordingly.

The Princeton Review LSAT Courses
Want to know the details about the Princeton Review's LSAT course options? Sure you do! Here are PR's LSAT courses so you can plan your test prep accordingly.

BluePrint LSAT Courses
Want to know the details about BluePrint LSAT courses? Fantastic! Here are the details about BluePrint's LSAT online and live classes so you can plan your test prep accordingly.

LSAC LSAT Prep Materials
LSAC offers descriptions of the three LSAT question types, along with some basic test-taking strategies. A complete sample test is available for download. Taking this practice test under timed conditions is a good way to begin preparing for the test.

Princeton Review LSAT Prep
If you want to test your LSAT knowledge, or just familiarize yourself with the exam, try this free Princeton Review Online Demo. You'll get a sample lesson from PR's interactive online courses and a full-length LSAT practice test.

Kaplan LSAT Prep
LSAT Prep from Kaplan includes an extensive suite of courses and pioneering technology that gives you customized recommendations based on your needs along with the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. Get a higher LSAT score guaranteed or your money back.

PowerScore LSAT Prep
PowerScore's test professionals have designed the PowerScore course to provide you with concepts that appear on the LSAT, access to the great instructors and classroom material, and the a good support system to augment your studies. You can take a full-length, weekend, or virtual course, purchase one of their publications, or sign up for tutoring or admissions assistance.

Knewton LSAT Prep
Knewton offers LSAT prep that includes all 60 released LSAT tests online, live, online video classrooms, experienced instructors, and a money-back guarantee if you don't increase your score by five points.

TestMasters LSAT Prep
Robin Singh, the man who started TestMasters, has achieved world-record LSAT scores - the 25 times he's taken it, he's scored in the 99th percentile. TestMasters promises to share his test-taking techniques with you in the many LSAT courses they offer.

LSAT Analytical Reasoning Quiz 2
Need another LSAT Analytical reasoning quiz? Check this one out, from LSAC's June 2009 practice exam.

Top 10 LSAT Test Tips
The LSAT is no joke, kids. These LSAT test tips were designed to make this test easier for you to master. Top 10 LSAT test tips abound on the Internet, but these ones will truly help you get a better LSAT score!

What to Do the Night Before the LSAT
You've studied for the LSAT. You're more prepared than any human has a right to be. It's the night before the LSAT - now what? Tips for the night before can help calm those nerves.

How to Study for the LSAT

Sure, it's not always fun to study for the LSAT, but it's necessary, and if you follow the nine steps below, your study time will be more effective. As a wise man once said, "To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act," and if mastering the LSAT has always been your dream, then you must study for the LSAT - act on it - in order to succeed.

How Did You Prepare for the LSAT - How Are You Preparing for the LSAT?
If you've taken the LSAT and are pleased with your score, share how you prepared for the LSAT! Which test prep service did you use? Which book? Did you study with a friend or go it alone? Are you still prepping for the LSAT, and know you have a good system? Share it with us; we can use all the help we can get!

Free LSAT Practice Test
Can't find two nickels to rub together? That's okay. This LSAT practice test is free - that's right, free.

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