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PSAT Critical Reading

In order to score well on the PSAT test, you'll need to master the PSAT Critical Reading section. It's just one of the three sections on the PSAT test, along with Writing and Math, but it's the one in which your score can be boosted the most by a little practice.

PSAT Critical Reading Practice
Here are some PSAT Critical Reading Practice questions including sentence completion practice, and passage-based reading practice, too!

Critical Reading on the PSAT
Critical Reading, one of the three sections on the PSAT, is the section in which you can improve the most by preparing! Check here for section info, practice questions, Critical Reading tips and more!

PSAT Sentence Completions
PSAT Sentence Completion questions are one of the two types you'll experience on the PSAT Critical Reading section. Do you know what a sentence completion is? Check out the details for how to solve these PSAT Sentence Completions here.

PSAT Passage-Based Reading Questions
The PSAT Critical Reading section has two types of questions - Passage-Based Reading, which is discussed here, and PSAT Sentence Completions. Do you know how to ace the passage-based reading questions? If not, check here for the basics along with tricks to solve these questions.

PSAT Sentence Completion Quiz 1
How are your PSAT sentence completion skills? This PSAT sentence completion practice quiz mimics the sentence completion portion of the PSAT Critical Reading section. If you are unsure about how to complete a sentence completion question, start with Steps for Solving Sentence Completions

Free PSAT Sentence Completion Questions
Need help filling in the blanks? Sentence Completions on the PSAT can be tough on the old vocabulary knowledge, but this site and my Sentence Completion steps may help you find the write, I mean right word.

Free PSAT Passage-Based Reading Questions
If you snooze during long sections of text, this site can help you prepare for those passage-based reading questions on the Critical Reading section of the PSAT. Grab some java and click away!

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