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PSAT Grid-In Math Practice Questions

Grid-In Practice


Looking for PSAT math practice questions? Look no further.

The PSAT Test is divided into three sections:

  1. PSAT Critical Reading
  2. PSAT Writing
  3. PSAT Mathematics

The PSAT Math section contains two types of questions:

  1. Grid-In Questions
  2. Multiple Choice Questions

On this page, you'll find math practice questions that will help you prepare for the grid-in questions on the PSAT Math section. These will also help you prepare for the SAT grid-ins, too. Go ahead – give them a try!

PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice

Math Practice Question 1

Karen works 10 hours a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 6 hours a day on Tuesday and Thursday.  If she makes $378 in a week, how much does Karen make per hour?


Math Practice Question 2

If the product of 7 integers is positive, at most, how many of the integers can be negative?


Math Practice Question 3

A solid cube of side 9 is first painted orange and then cut into smaller cubes of side 3.  How many of the smaller cubes have paint on exactly 2 sides?


Math Practice Question 4

The number 0.27 is how much greater than ¼?


Math Practice Question 5

(x2 – y2) / (x + y) =


Math Practice Question 6

Catherine takes 26 minutes to jog around a race course one time and 30 minutes to jog around a second time.  What is her average speed in miles per hour for the whole jog if the course is 4 miles long?


Math Practice Question 7

2x – y = 25 and x + 2y = 10.  Find the value of 3x + 3y.


Math Practice Question 8

An item is reduced by 30 %, and then the new price is further reduced by 20%.  The two reductions together result in a single reduction of what percentage?


Math Practice Question 9

A 6 by 8 rectangle is inscribed in a circle.  What is the circumference of the circle?


Math Practice Question 10

After being dropped, a certain ball will bounce back to 2/7 of the height of its previous bounce.  After the first bounce it reaches a height of 343 inches.  How high (in inches) will it reach after its fourth bounce?


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