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Answers to Author's Purpose Practice 1


Preparing for the reading comprehension portion of a standardized test will always involve practicing some of the same concepts – finding the  main idea, making inferences, understanding vocabulary in context, and, of course, understanding the author's purpose.

Below, you'll find the answers to the Author's Practice 1 worksheet. If you're unsure about how to find the author's purpose in a passage, then perhaps you should take a look at this information first:

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Author's Purpose Practice 1 | Author's Purpose Practice 1 Answers

Author's Purpose Practice Question #1: Temperature


The author's description of the temperature in lines 43 – 46 primarily serves to:

B. intensify the setting, so the reader can experience the boatmen's difficult journey.

Here, the temperature descriptions slowly get more intense, or heightened, so the best answer is Choice B.

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Author's Purpose Practice Question #2: Social Security


The author most likely mentions the Depression to:

D. list another factor that contributed to the need for the Social Security Program.

 The Depression was just one more reason that FDR started the SS Program. It was not the primary cause for Social Security, which rules out Choice A. The author did not criticize FDR's creation in any way, so that gets rid of Choice B. And, no ideas were being compared, so that rules out Choice C. Bingo!

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Author's Purpose Practice Question #3: Gothic Art


The author most likely wrote the passage about Gothic art in order to:

A. suggest that Gothic art is not a style with specific characteristics as much as it is a sentiment from a particular time.

The author attempts to persuade the reader to believe that Gothic art can't just be defined by its characteristics, but he or she also wants the reader to understand what Gothic art really is, which means choice A is the best.

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Author's Purpose Practice Question #4: Funeral


The author most likely used the phrase "tiny little rivers of sweat made their way down the middle of my back" in order to:

D. intensify the description of the heat during the funeral.

Over and over again, the author describes the heat during the funeral in a number of ways. This is the last description of the heat, and adds to the general misery the group was feeling in the church, so it intensifies the description just a bit more.

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Author's Purpose Practice Question #5: Cold and Warm Fronts


The author most likely wrote the passage in order to:

C. contrast the causes, characteristics, and results of warm and cold fronts.

Although the other choices sound great, they don't get to the real intention of the author. If the author were merely listing ideas about cold and warm fronts, he or she wouldn't have gone to the trouble to differentiate one from the other in the last part of the paragraph. Choice C is the best.

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