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Revised GRE Verbal Practice


Revised GRE Verbal Practice

It isn't easy fitting in Revised GRE Verbal practice, is it? Cracking a GRE book or attending a class can be tedious and unappetizing at times, and a full GRE Verbal meal can really make you stuffed! But, all of those text completions and sentence equivalence questions can be easier to swallow if you tiny bites of Verbal practice.

To get you started, here are a few practice questions from each section on the Verbal portion of the GRE. Work your way through these sets to find out where you need the most help. Then, dive into the full meal. Take a free, full-length practice GRE test online or pick up one of the best Revised GRE books out there and get crackin' on it.

GRE Text Completions Practice

You'll know you're encountering a Text Completion question when you read a short passage of text with 1-5 sentences, and there are 1-3 blanks inside it. If there was only one blank inside the passage, you'll find a multiple choice question with five answer choices below it. If there were 2-3 blanks inside the passage, then you'll find a box with three answer choices per blank. Ready to try a few out? Here ya go:

Text Completions 1

Text Completions 2

GRE Sentence Equivalence Practice

The GRE Sentence Equivalence Questions will provide you with one sentence with one blank in it. Your job is to choose 2 answer choices that fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and make sentences that are alike in meaning. This is where the whole GRE vocabulary knowledge thing comes in handy. Here are some examples for you:

Sentence Equivalence 1

Sentence Equivalence 2

Reading Comprehension Practice

The reading comprehension section is different from the GRE of the past because you'll have three different types of questions to answer after reading passages that could vary between one – five paragraphs. The passages will come from books and periodicals about science, arts, humanities, and everyday life issues, too. You'll either have a multiple-choice question where you'll choose one answer, which is what you're used to. Or, you can encounter a multiple-choice question and have to choose one or more correct answers. This is new! Another new question type is the "Select-in-Passage" where you'll just click on the sentence in the passage that answers the question.

Take a gander through the following reading comprehension questions to see what the section will be like!

Reading Comprehension Practice 1

Reading Comprehension Practice from ETS

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