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How to Get Organized in School

Get Organized For Class


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You're not going to be a successful student with pens falling out of your pockets, class notes trailing behind you wherever you go, and a black hole of a backpack that seems to eat your assignments. You have to get organized for class in order to maximize your potential. Here's how to take those first steps toward get-it-togetherness and finally, FINALLY, get organized.

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Get Your Bag Organized

No way are you getting good grades with your bag a mess. If you can't get organized with your pens, for goodness' sake, what is your report card going to look like?

  • Keep your bag clean. Dust out the old, crushed snacks and pencil shavings, toss the wads of paper, broken pens, etc. Get rid of anything you don't currently use.
  • Keep necessities in your bag only. Two pens, two pencils, a working highlighter, calculator, a couple binder clips, class materials, an organizer/planner, a healthy snack, water, and your phone.

Get Your Classwork Organized

Keeping track of your classwork and turning assignments in on time will help you go far on your "get organized" path.

  • Use a planner. Record project due dates, upcoming quizzes and tests, homework assignments.
  • Use your cell phone. And no, not just to text. Set your cell phone to send you a reminder a week, then a few days before assignments are due.
  • Use a folder/binder. The best get organized strategies involve assigning things to certain places. Assign one area of a folder or binder for work to be turned in (no randomly stuffing things into the bag). Assign another spot for work that you still have to do.
  • Use labels. It's not just for preschoolers! If you label your papers properly with headings, and label your folders and binders, you're going to have an easier time keeping track of which stuff goes where. Plus, if you've lost an important folder and your name is on it, there's a good chance you'll get it back.

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