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How to Find a Study Partner in Class

Choosing the Best Study Partner For You


How to Find a Study Partner in Class
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You're sitting there in class and your professor or teacher has just announced a major test coming up in a few days. If you're the type of person who hates to go it alone when a test is looming, then you have to find a study partner! But whom do you choose? Is it safe to just go with your best friend? Will he or she make the best study partner? Follow these quick guidelines for choosing a study partner, so you're not stranded when the test rolls around.

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5 Traits of a Great Study Partner

  1. Takes notes: Any study partner worth his or her salt is taking good notes in class. Bonus? If he or she is taking notes, then you have a back-up if you're out sick.
  2. Participates in class: Choosing a study partner who gets his or her hand up when the teacher asks a question is smart on your end because it means he or she probably knows the answers. That's good news, especially if you're stuck on question 23.
  3. Gets a good grade: It seems obvious, but you don't want to study with the kid drooling on the map of Siberia in the textbook during lectures. Choose a study partner who is making your grade or higher.
  4. Has a complimentary learning style: Not all types of learners will work well together. Are you a thinker and need quiet time to process things? You probably shouldn't choose a kinesthetic learner - someone who needs to be moving to learn. Choose someone who learns like you do for the most success.
  5. Is open and friendly: If your mom is continually crabby, then she's not a good study partner, despite her attempts. Choose someone who won't cut you down if you answer incorrectly, and won't berate you if you're 1 minute late.

5 Traits of a Lousy Study Partner

  1. Is distracting: Your best friend is probably wonderful. Your boyfriend, I'm sure, is a dream. However, they may not make the best study partners for you because of the distraction aspect. If you end up making out or scrolling through Facebook giggling at your friends' comments, then you're not doing your job – prepping for this test! Get rid of the distractions and meet up with them afterward.
  2. Gets lousy grades: Altruism has its place, and tutoring another person is a wonderful thing to do, especially when someone really needs the help. When you’re choosing a study partner, though, your goal is to find someone to help you learn more, and this isn’t the time to choose someone who’s failing the class. Tutor another time, and make sure you’re helping yourself, too.
  3. Is unmotivated: Stay away from people who hate to study. You’ll spend half your study time prodding them to get the job done, and will waste precious study minutes.
  4. Is unprepared: You should not be the only person showing up with notes, your textbook, and the review sheet. Avoid choosing a study partner who is looking to get an easy A from your hard work.
  5. Criticizes you: There’s always a know-it-all in every class, and even if that person is earning a 4.0 GPA, he or she may not make the best study partner if a critical mouth goes along with those brains. You can’t do your best if you’re just struggling to maintain your self-esteem. Choose a study partner who will value your input.
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