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Top 10 Study Distractions

5 External and 5 Internal Study Distractions


It isn't always easy staying focused on studying. Let's just face it. But you can go a long way toward reaching your study goals by getting rid of both the internal (in your head) and the external study distractions. When you choose a time and place to study, nothing should interfere! So check out these study distractions to see if any of them look familiar to you.

Top 5 External Study Distractions

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An external study distraction is something that comes from outside of your brain. Anything from technology to the clothes you're wearing can become a study distraction if not taken care of before you begin your study session. Here, you'll find the top five external study distractions with easy, quick solutions for kissing them goodbye.

Top 5 Internal Study Distractions

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An internal study distraction comes from inside your head, and these are the most difficult to get rid of by a long shot. All sorts of feelings and emotions, thoughts and dreams can keep you from your goals. This list of the top five internal study distractions, with methods of banishing them for good, will help keep your focus where it should be: the test material!

How Do YOU Stay Focused On Studying?

Share your best tips for staying focused on studying, and you could see your advice in print!
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