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The ACT Test

Taking the ACT? Here's all the info you need: ACT scoring, sample questions with solutions, quizzes, lessons, and a slew of other resources for the ACT test.
  1. ACT English (3)
  2. ACT FAQ (6)
  3. ACT Math (5)
  4. ACT Plus Writing (3)
  5. ACT Prep Information (12)
  6. ACT Reading (2)
  7. ACT Registration Information (8)
  8. ACT Science (2)
  9. All About ACT Scores (28)

21 Strategies To Improve ACT Scores
If you need to improve ACT scores quickly, you're in the right place! Here are over 20 strategies for improving English, Math, Reading, Science Reasoning and your ACT Writing scores so you don't have to attend a college you're not happy with. Improve your ACT scores by preparing before you test again!

ACT Test 101
Taking the ACT Test? Check here for free ACT quizzes, sample ACT questions, ACT Test information, registration info and more!

ACT Test Sections
The ACT Test sections, English, Math, Reading, Science, and the Optional Writing Portion, are explained here in detail. Get the ACT Test section facts before you go to the testing center.

ACT Test-Taking Tips
These fifteen ACT Test prep tips will have your ACT score boosted in no time. Can you bring a calculator? Should you guess or leave the answer blank? This site provides the answer to those ACT test questions and more.

ACT vs. SAT Quiz
Should you take the SAT or the ACT? Take this quick, easy quiz to make that determination! This ACT vs. SAT quiz will help you figure out which college admissions test suits you best.

How to Study for the ACT
You know it s coming, don t you? The ACT! Before you panic, learn how to study for the ACT before your mom drags you down to the nearest tutoring center or buys you 8 ACT study books you may not need. To study for the ACT, you need a little bit of planning, some mentorship, and some time. Not too bad, huh? These steps will have you reaching...

ACT Scores for Top Private Universities

ACT Scores for Ivy League Schools
Are your ACT scores good enough to qualify for an Ivy League school? Here are the ACT scores for Ivy League universities, the most prestigious colleges in the United States. How do yours compare?

ACT Scores for Top Private Northeastern Colleges

Average National ACT Scores for 2012
Here are the Average National ACT Scores for 2012, as provided by ACT.org. Check out the mean scores for every section on the ACT along with averages by gender, intended college major and ethnicity with info about score percentiles, too.

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