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When Should I Take the ACT?


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Question: When Should I Take the ACT?

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Most students opt to take the ACT exam either the spring of their junior year, or the fall of their senior year, although you can the ACT much earlier than that. Some students take it in middle school for practice! Since you can take the test up to twelve times - yes it's actually possible - you can kind of play around with dates to determine when the best time to take it for you. Personally, I recommend taking the ACT at least by the spring of your junior year for a couple reasons:

  1. Retakes. If you don't like the ACT score you've received on the exam your first try, you can always schedule a retake in the fall, after you've prepped the whole summer. If you wait to take it the first time the fall of your senior year, you may not have enough time to take the exam and submit your score results for college admission the following year, depending on where you'd like to apply.
  2. Knowledge. The ACT exam tests you in a lot of different areas: English, Math, Reading, Science Reasoning and Writing. It's important that you get as much knowledge and school practice prior to taking the exam, which is why I don't recommend that you take the ACT prior to the spring of your junior year. You need to get as much of your high school training under your belt before you submit your scores to schools.

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