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Best Test Preparation Resources For Every Major Test

Should you buy the book? Take a class? Hire a tutor? Read below for the best test prep resources and ways to save time and cash when you're looking for help.
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14 Ways to Write Better in High School
If you hate writing, but still have to do it, then listen up! Whether you're putting together a research paper for class, posting a blog, composing your SAT essay or brainstorming for your college admissions essay, you just kind of need to know how to write. Here are 14 ways to get better at it.

SAT Tutoring Options
The SAT test can be very difficult when you're trying to study alone! Finding some reliable SAT tutoring is often a good way to go, especially if you can use a bunch of help. Compare these SAT tutoring options from some very popular test prep companies to see if one will work for your SAT prep needs.

How to Understand Score Percentiles
Wondering how to understand your score percentiles? Here is a great explanation for how score percentiles work, with examples from the SAT, PSAT, GRE, LSAT and more. Take a look here if you've ever wondered what those percentages really mean!

Top 10 Places to Find a Tutor
If sitting in a classroom isn't your thing, try private tutoring for one of the major standardized tests. This page will give you the top ten places to find a tutor, and some precautions to make sure you get the best deal for your money!

Best GRE Books for 2014
If you need to prep for the Revised GRE, then pick up one or two of the best GRE books to help you with strategies, test-taking tips and practice. These six books from top test prep experts will help guide you toward the GRE score you most desire

The Best Books for Teens
If you're looking to find a good book for some summer or winter break reading or just some general reading comprehension practice, then take a peek at some of the best books for teens, here! Here are five great ones, with synopses included, to help you prepare for reading comprehension portion of your next standardized test.

Creative Writing Prompts For High School Students
Are you looking for writing prompts? Great! Here are some creative writing prompts for high school students or upper level middle school kids. These prompts focus on dialogue creation, voice, and plot.

5 Websites to Study High School Math
Need some math help? Here are five websites to study high school math. They use manipulatives, games, puzzles and good old-fashioned explanations to help seal in those math concepts that may not have sunk in all the way in class. Studying high school math doesn't have to be difficult!

Before You Study For a Standardized Test
Stop! Before you pick up that standardized test prep book, follow these test prep tips before you study. They're applicable to every major standardized test! Before you study for the SAT, ACT, GRE and more, follow these test prep tips to get your best score.

Best Music for Studying - Share Your Best Music for Studying
Got a playlist you can't live without when it comes time to study? Share your studying music playlists, and get other people's playlists, too!

What's a Good Score On My Test?
Post your test score and I'll personally let you know if your test score is a good score or not. If you've ever asked yourself, "What's a good score?" on your standardized test, whether it's the GRE, PSAT, SAT, ACT, MCAT or more, then find out here whether your score would make the cut.

Take a Practice Test
Need a practice test to see how you'll perform on the real thing? Many tests offer similar testing questions, so it's not a bad idea to take a practice test for the SAT if you're taking the LSAT or to take a practice test for the PSAT if you're taking the ACT and so on. The more experience you get answering questions on any type of practice...

The Best iPhone Apps - The Best iPhone Apps to Help You Study
Hey you! Share the best iPhone apps to help you study for standardized tests from the SAT all the way to the MCAT. Got some iPhone apps you can't live without? Share those too!

The Top 10 Gifts for College Students
These top 10 gifts for college students are sure to please your college student this holiday. Stop knitting the argyle sweaters - they aren't going to wear them anyway. Choose one of these gifts for college students instead. You'll thank me later, when they're thanking you!

The Best iPhone Apps for the SAT
If traditional SAT prep makes you want to jump off a cliff, then try downloading one of the best iPhone apps for the SAT. The choices range from vocabulary help to math quizzes. Try them - you'll see!

Summer Tutoring Programs for Your Kid
Need to find a place to send your kid for summer tutoring? Check out these three highly rated summer tutoring centers to find out if they're right for your child.

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll Your Teenager in High School Summer School
Not every kid who's struggling in school needs to be enrolled in high school summer school. For some kids in high school, summer school options won't meet their needs. So who should go? Check out the list below to see if your high school student really needs summer school or not. ?

Top Five Reasons NOT to Enroll Your Teenager in High School S…
Summer school is not for every struggling high school student. In many cases, it won't make a difference at all in academics, attendance or attitude. There are definitely reasons to enroll your teen in summer school, but the following are not good enough! So when should you not enroll your teenager in summer school? Read my advice below:

Top 4 SAT Prep Books
If you're confused by all of the SAT test prep book options out there, this site can shed some light on a confusing topic. Which is best? Most cost efficient? Compare prices and save!

How to Beat the GMAT
Taking the GMAT is hard enough. Scoring well on it is another story. These tips for beating the GMAT can earn you points and give you that nudge toward the MBA program of your dreams.

Nervous about getting into law school? Relax. These tips will help ease the tension as you prepare for the LSAT.

Free TOEFL Practice Guide
Getting something for free is like Christmas. So smile, thank Santa, and delve into this free TOEFL practice guide.

Waiting for Superman
Have you seen the film, Waiting for Superman? It's a documentary about the current state of our school systems here in the U.S., and we'd love to get your opinion on the film. Is it spot-on? Way out of touch? Give us your Waiting for Superman review so we know whether or not to go see it!See submissions

5 Ways for Student Volunteers to Give Back
These five ideas should inspire you or a student you know to give back to others in need, and boost that college application in the process, too.

The Princeton Review SAT Tutoring
When you want to prepare for the SAT, but aren't motivated enough to study alone, consider obtaining a an SAT tutoring package from The Princeton Review. Here, you'll find a breakdown of their three private SAT tutoring packages with the inclusions and prices, too.

Kaplan SAT Tutoring
If you're ready to start going on SAT prep, but aren't motivated by studying alone, then check out these Kaplan SAT tutoring options. These four packages come with all sorts of inclusions like practice tests, personalized assessments and college readiness prep! Take a peek at these Kaplan SAT tutoring options to see if one might fit your needs.

PowerScore SAT Tutoring
Prepared to take the SAT? If not, perhaps you could use some PowerScore SAT tutoring. Check out the three different packages of SAT tutoring available, along with their inclusions and pricing here.

Top Test Prep SAT Tutoring
If you're reading to get serious about SAT tutoring, then take a peek at Top Test Prep SAT tutoring. They offer six different packages to help you get ready for this exam, all of which are taught face-to-face by a tutor who scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.

5 Cool Home Science Experiments To Try With Kids
If your kid is into science, then why not experiment a little at home with him or her? Here are five cool home science experiments to try with kids using stuff you already have in the house. Suitable for all grade levels!

More Great Books for Teens
If you're looking for a great book for teens to shake up your boring reading list or need to work on comprehension, then do I have a list for you! Check out some of these great books for teens here! Synopses are included, too, so you'll know which one of these might be up your alley.

How To Keep Your Kid's Brain Sharp At Home
When it's summer, or spring break, or even just the weekend, your kid may lapse into a very deep brain drain if you don't do something to help! Here are a few ways to keep your kid's brain sharp over the next break - no nagging required.

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