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Take a Practice Test

Take A Practice Test to Hone Your Skills


Take a Practice Test

Need a practice test to see how you'll perform on the real thing? Check out one or all of these bad boys below. Many tests offer similar testing questions, so it's not a bad idea to take a practice test for the SAT if you're taking the LSAT or to take a practice test for the PSAT if you're taking the ACT and so on.

The more experience you get answering questions on any type of practice test, the better you'll be on the one that's truly important! And we all know that we can use the help wherever we find it. So go for it! You never know what you truly know 'til you're tested.

ACT Practice Tests

  1. ACT English

  2. ACT Math

SAT Practice Tests

SAT Critical Reading, Math and Writing Practice Tests

PSAT Practice Tests

PSAT Critical Reading, Math and Writing Practice Tests

LSAT, GRE and GMAT Practice Tests

  1. GMAT Practice Test

  2. GRE Verbal Practice Test

  3. LSAT Analytical Reasoning Practice Test

  4. LSAT Logical Reasoning Practice Test

Reading Comprehension Practice Tests

  1. Reading Comprehension Practice Worksheets

  2. Making Inferences Practice – Political Cartoons

  3. Making Inferences Practice - Photographs

  4. Understanding Vocabulary in Context Practice

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