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5 Ways for Student Volunteers to Give Back


As a parent, you know that it's good for your kid to be one of those student volunteers - you know, the kid that actually helps someone else for the good of humanity? Did you also know that it's important for your kid to be one of those student volunteers for his or her college application process? Yep! SAT scores are not the whole world when it comes to applying. Volunteering is one of those things that adds to the well-roundedness of a person, and college admissions counselors love a well-rounded person.

Volunteering doesn't have to mean hours and hours of time, either. Students are busy these days! There are some easy, quick ways for students volunteers to give back by squeezing just a little bit of extra time into their busy schedules! Check 'em out below.

1. Tutor Someone Pro Bono

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Is your kid an A-student? Does she or he know how to study? Then encourage your kid to donate his or her time (maybe an hour or so a week) to someone who can't pay, but needs the help. Have your kid advertise his or her services through morning announcements if word of mouth isn't working out. By the way, this kind of giving is also beneficial. Students who tutor fare better themselves on future tests because they're reviewing material they'll need anyway. Plus, college admissions officers love a student who gives back. Now I call that a win-win.

2. Flex Those Tech Muscles

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If your kid could be an honorary member of the Geek Squad, then maybe their legendary tech skills could be of use to someone whose computer knowledge is well...lacking. Drop your daughter off at a neighbor's house whose computer is on the fritz, or let your son teach Grandma how to finally (FINALLY) send an email.

3. Host a School Supplies Drive

You'd be surprised how easy this is. Encourage your kid to get permission from the principal to post fliers around the school calling for extra school supplies. Set up a drop-off point in the cafeteria or lobby of the school (or get a teacher to donate space in his or her room) and set a 2-week time period for students to donate extra pencils, notebooks, rulers, compasses, etc. When the 2 weeks are up, boom! Pick up the boxes and donate to a needy school or charity. The recipients will benefit from the supplies and your kid will benefit from doing something nice for someone else.

Don't have a needy school in mind? Call your district's main office and ask for a list of schools that could benefit most from the drive. They'll have a recommendation for you!

4. Donate Those Old ACT/SAT Books:

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Once your son or daughter has taken (and hopefully mastered) the SAT or ACT test, then truthfully, they're not going to need those test prep books anymore. One of the best ways to use those old books is to donate them to a needy kid in a lower grade. Many students do not score well on the exams because they simply can't wrangle enough cash to purchase a test prep book! Donate your older version. Most of the time, the old versions contain very similar information to what's in the newest, most-updated versions.

5. Help a Teacher

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You'd be amazed if you knew how something simple like an offer to clean the desks or staple a stack of handouts would brighten a teacher's day. We know that your kid doesn't have a lot of time; however, if he or she spent just ten minutes giving back to a teacher who has been particularly inspirational, I guarantee that teacher would remember your kid's shining face for years and years to come.
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