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What's a Good TOEFL Score?


What's a Good TOEFL Score?
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Question: What's a Good TOEFL Score?

Among the 7000+ universities that accept TOEFL scores, each university you submit your TOEFL score to has a published minimum score they accept. To find out the minimum TOEFL score requirement for the school you're interested in attending, contact your school's admissions office or check out the website. Each school will typically publish their minimum requirements.

TOEFL Score Info for the Internet-Based Test

  • Reading Skills: High: 22-30 points; Intermediate: 15-21 points; Low: 0-14 points
  • Listening Skills: High: 22-30 points; Intermediate: 14-21 points; Low: 0-13 points
  • Speaking Skills: Good: 3.5-4.0; Fair: 2.5-3.0; Limited: 1.5-2.0; Weak: 0-1.0
  • Writing Skills: Good: 4.0-5.0; Fair: 2.0-3.0; Limited: 1.0-2.0

The Speaking and Writing sections are converted to a 0-30 scale like the Reading and Listening sections. So the highest total score possible you could receive is a 120 on the TOEFL IBT.

TOEFL Score Info for the Paper-Based Test

  • Listening Comprehension: Score range: 31 (low)-68 (high)
  • Structure/Written Expression:Score range: 31 (low)-68 (high)
  • Reading Comprehension: Score range: 31 (low)-67 (high)
  • Total Score:Score range: 310 (low)-677 (high)

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