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TOEIC Listening Practice: Question - Response

TOEIC Listening Part Two: Question - Response


The TOEIC Listening and Reading test comes equipped with all sorts of questions to test your acquisition of the English language. Here are a few examples of the TOEIC Listening "Question - Response" Questions, or Part Two of the section.

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Question 1

You will hear:

Who picks up the mail from our desks?

(A) Emily typically does it.

(B) Put the letters away.

(C) Yes, I will.


Question 2

You will hear:

Is Alissa in the meeting?

(A) No, she couldn't make it.

(B) Yes, I am able to attend.

(C) No, I am waiting for a table.


Question 3

You will hear:

This copy machine is very easy to use, isn't it?

(A) No, I'll just sit right here.

(B) Yes, I need a pencil.

(C) Yes, it's uncomplicated.


Question 4

You will hear:

Where is the nearest restaurant?

(A) I'm going to lunch with Bill.

(B) It's just down the street.

(C) My car is outside.


Question 5

You will hear:

Is Jack staying late at work?

(A) Yes, he is delayed.

(B) Yes, he is going home.

(C) Yes, I will stay if necessary.


Question 6

 You will hear:

Have the new desks arrived?

(A) No, I already have a coat.

(B) No, they're coming tomorrow.

(C) Yes, the conference is Wednesday.


Question 7

You will hear:

Who put this paper on my desk?

(A) I am not sure.

(B) Yes, she is coming with us.

(C) Elizabeth is the new intern.


Question 8

You will hear:

Will you please file these for me?

(A) It's next to the fax machine.

(B) Yes, I will.

(C) No, James left already.


Question 9

You will hear:

Is the office closed tomorrow?

(A) Yes, no one will be here.

(B) Yes, I am ready to leave.

(C) No, the meeting is for managers only.


Question 10

You will hear:

The conference room is this way, isn't it?

(A) It's actually in the next room.

(B) Yes, she wants to meet you.

(C) No, the computer isn't working.


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