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So, you've decided which tests you need to take, but now you need to see about test registration. Oh, and test scores! What's a good test score? How do you register? What are the test dates? These questions and more are answered here about the major standardized test you'll see in your educational career.
  1. Undergrad Test Registration Facts
  2. PSAT Scores
  3. ACT Scores
  4. SAT Scores
  5. Grad School Test Registration Facts
  1. LSAT Scores
  2. GRE Scores
  3. GMAT Scores
  4. MCAT Scores
  5. English Language Test Registration and Scores

Undergrad Test Registration Facts

Trying to get into your first choice for undergrad? You won't if you miss a deadline for one of the tests that will get you in! Here are the PSAT, SAT, and ACT registration deadlines and test dates, too.

PSAT Scores

Getting into undergrad can leave you breathless with worry! What kind of scores do you need? How are scores even tabulated? Check out the answers to these questions and more for the PSAT.

ACT Scores

Middle School Students smiling

Taking this college admissions exam, but are not sure what the scores all mean? Here are some answers for you!

SAT Scores

High School Boy

Maybe you're taking the SAT instead of the ACT for college admissions. If so, do you know the score?

Grad School Test Registration Facts


So, you made it out of undergrad alive, huh? Now, let's get you chasing those dreams. Check out the registration details for the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT below.

LSAT Scores

If you thought undergrad was arduous, then you're going to love law school. Here, the scoring gets more complicated and the questions get tougher. Here are the kinds of scores you'll be competing against when you take the LSAT.

GRE Scores

Need the details about GRE scores? Check out the articles below!

GMAT Scores

Interested in business school? Check out the scores you need to get yourself in!

MCAT Scores

MCAT scores can make or break your admissions into the medical schools of your choice. Find out the goodies on what kind of score it takes, here.

English Language Test Registration and Scores

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If English isn't your first language, and your sights are set on a spectacular school in the U.S., then these TOEFL and TOEIC registration scores and test dates will help you get where you want to go.

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