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Average Revised GRE Scores by Intended Major


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When you start applying to graduate schools, you're going to have a lot on your mind. GPA, undergraduate involvement, interviews, recommendations and more tend to crowd the mind when admission to your first choice for grad school is at stake. Make sure you make a little room for finding out the average Revised GRE scores by intended major, as well! Why? It helps to know your competition. If the average student intending to major in Chemistry, for instance, is scoring a 153 in the Quantitative Reasoning section, and your score is a 141, then you have some major work to do to improve that score!

The good news is that there are certainly Revised GRE prep options available to help you out (both free and with a price tag). The bad news is that you may need to use some of them if your score is significantly lower than your peers' scores.

Here are the mean Revised GRE scores by intended major, according to ETS latest report. The data was taken from students who tested between August, 2011 and April 30, 2013

Please note that these scores are reflective of the Revised GRE format where 130 is the lowest you can score and 170 is the highest. If you'd like to compare these scores to those in the prior format, in case you have old scores rattling around in your brain, then you can see how Revised GRE scores compare to prior GRE scores here.

Revised GRE Scores By Intended Major

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What's a Good Revised GRE Score?
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