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Average Revised GRE Scores for Public Administration, Religion and More


Perhaps you're into world religions, and would love to pursue a graduate degree that helps you find the common thread linking humanity together. Or maybe you're a home economics major, and balancing personal finance with childcare is right up your alley. Whichever of the following fields you choose for graduate school, you're still going to need to get in. The following statistics will come in pretty handy, too, mainly because you'll need to compete against other students intending to pursue a graduate degree in your intended major. Will your Revised GRE scores be competitive enough? Find out below.

Here are the mean Revised GRE scores for students intending to major in Architecture, Public Administration, Religion, Social Work, Religious Theory, Home Economics, Environmental Design, Communications and more, according to the latest report published by ETS, the makers of the Revised GRE. These scores were taken from students who tested from August, 2011 through April 30, 2013.

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What's a Good Revised GRE Score?

Mean Revised GRE Scores for Various Majors

Various Majors
Major Verbal Quantitative Writing
Architecture/Environmental Design 150 154 3.5
Communications 151 148 3.8
Home Economics 150 146 3.7
Library/Archival Sciences 157 148 4.0
Public Administration 152 149 3.8
Religion and Theory 157 151 4.2
Social Work 149 145 3.6
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