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What Does the LSAT Cost for 2014?

2014 LSAT Fees


If you need to know what the LSAT cost, and how much you'll have to pay for nonpublished test centers, additional score reports, late registration, and more then keep reading for the 2014 LSAT cost information.


2014 LSAT Fees
Test/Circumstance Fee More Info if Applicable
The LSAT Test $165  
Credential Assembly Service (CAS) $160 LSAC's service that summarizes undergrad work and combines documents with LSAT score and writing sample to create a report to send to law schools.
Late Registration $70 Typically, late registration starts 30 days prior to test date
Test Center Change $36  
Test Date Change $83  
Handscoring $44 If you're not content with your score, you can pay to have someone score your LSAT by hand.
Former Registrant Score report $44 If you need to get an old LSAT score
Law School Reports $25 This is a fee paid per school
Returned Check Charges $36  
Paper Copies $25 One-time fee for optional paper copies of LSAT ticket, LSAT score, Activity Updates, and Master Law School Report for online account holders
Nonpublished Domestic Test Centers $260 If you can't travel to a published/listed test center, and you're farther than 100 miles from an open, published center, you may request to test elsewhere.
Nonpublished International Test Centers $345  
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