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PSAT Identifying Sentence Errors

Identifying Sentence Errors on PSAT Writing


PSAT Identifying Sentence Errors
PSAT Identifying Sentence Errors Practice Quizzes

One of the three types of questions on the PSAT Writing Section, is this type: identifying sentence errors. Here's more about this type of question!

PSAT Identifying Sentence Errors Basics

Question Set-Up

Each question is one sentence with five underlined words or phrases in it. Your job is to figure out which underlined section has the error. If there is no error, you’ll have a “no error” choice. Easy, huh?

Skills Tested

These are designed to test your knowledge of grammar, usage, word choice, and idioms. You won’t be asked to identify grammatical terms, nor will your capitalization or spelling be measured, although it wouldn’t hurt, right?

Answer These Questions First

Out of the three types of PSAT Writing questions, you're going to want to answer the identifying sentence errors questions first. Because they are shorter, these are the easiest questions on the Writing Skills section and require less time than the other two types.

The Questions Get More Difficult As You Proceed.

As you answer them in order, which you will if you’re test-savvy, they will become increasingly more difficult. So it’s good to get your feet wet on the first ones, because you’ll have an easier time getting them right. (Getting things right = a higher score.)

PSAT Identifying Sentence Errors Example

So, your job in these types of questions is to identify which part of the sentence contains an error. Ordinarily, you’d see parts of the sentence underlined with a letter placed beneath each choice, but since that’s impossible in this format, I have italicized the options for you where an error could be occurring. All you’ll have to do is bubble in the corresponding circle on the real PSAT.

The fields have soil so rich that corn growing here commonly had stood more than six feet tall. No error
A. so rich that
B. growing here
C. had stood
D. tall
E. No error

The correct choice is C.

Why? Verb tense. The words, "had stood" should be replaced with the word "stands" in order for the sentence to be congruent.

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