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Inference Questions From Photos 2


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Inference Question 1
Inference Questions From Photos 2
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Inference Basics

To make an inference is to use an educated guess to get to the implied meaning of something. You have to know how to make an inference on most standardized tests, so it's good to practice!

Try your hand at making inferences with the following photos. In other words, take a guess at what's going on - the motives, situations, thoughts, or actions of the people/animals/objects involved. Then, answer the question that follows, making sure to use the evidence in the pictures to guide you.

Question 1

Which of the following statements is best supported by the photo?

A. The woman is stressed out because she has so much work to do.
B. The woman is overwhelmed because of her busy life.
C. The woman is upset because of demands from her manager.
D. The woman is tired because of her schoolwork.

Take a peek at the 11th page to see answers for each question.

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