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2014 SAT Subject Test Dates

SAT Subject Test Dates and Registration Information


2014 SAT Subject Test Dates


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If you're interested in taking an SAT Subject Test like those listed below, then here are the SAT Subject Test Dates you need to know. Every test will cost you $35 except for the Listening tests which will cost you $46.

2014 SAT Subject Test Registration Deadlines

The Top 10 SAT Registration Questions With Answers!

Note: The SAT Subject Tests are not the same as "The SAT." See here for SAT Reasoning Test info.

2014 SAT Subject Test Dates

SAT Subject Test Dates
Subject Test Jan. 25, '14 May 3, '14 June 7, '14
Literature X X X
U.S. History X X X
World History     X
Math Level 1 X X X
Math Level 2 X X X
Biology X X X
Chemistry X X X
Physics X X X
French X X X
German     X
Latin     X
Modern Hebrew     X
Spanish X X X
Chinese with Listening      
French with Listening      
German with Listening      
Japanese with Listening      
Korean with Listening      
Spanish with Listening      
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