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SAT Practice Questions

Free SAT Practice Questions Online


If you're in the market for free SAT practice questions directly online, then I have a slew of possibilities for you. Check out these free SAT practice questions, quizzes and tests, to help you prepare for the SAT when the test day rolls around.

SAT Critical Reading Practice

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Considered the most difficult portion of the SAT by many, the Critical Reading section requires you to practice as much as possible to improve your test score. Here, you'll find both passage-based reading practice questions and sentence completion practice quizzes to help you flex those reading muscles.

SAT Writing Practice

The Writing portion of the SAT offers you four different ways to demonstrate your mastery of the English language. Here, you'll find SAT practice quizzes that test all four: improving sentences, improving paragraphs, identifying sentence errors and SAT essay prompts.

SAT Math Practice

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The SAT Math section tests your knowledge in two ways: with multiple-choice questions, and also with grid-ins, where you have to fill in the answer yourself; no choices are provided. This link will take you to a practice page filled with SAT practice questions involving both grid-ins and standard multiple-choice questions.

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