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What are the 2014 SAT Fees?

SAT Cost Breakdown


You may know that the SAT costs a certain amount of money, but did you know that there are some additional SAT fees for all sorts of things? Check out the SAT fees below, so you're not in for a surprise when it comes time to register for the test.

The Top 10 SAT Registration Questions With Answers!

2014 SAT Fees

SAT Fees
Test/Circumstance Fee More Info Fee Waiver/Reduction Available?
The SAT Test $51 The Standard SAT Test Waiver Available
SAT Subject Tests: Language with Listening $48.50 Subject Test Details Waiver available
All Other SAT Subject Tests $37.50 Subject Test Details Waiver Available
Phone Registration $15 Only if you've registered before Nope
Change Fee $27.50 Test type, center or date changes Nope
Late Fee $27.50 Registering after regular registration ends Nope
Waitlist Testing Fee $45 Missed late registration and still want to test Nope
Africa Fee $31 Testing in Africa Nope
Americas Fee $31 Testing outside of U.S. and territories Nope
East Asia/Pacific Fee $40 Testing in East Asia and Pacific Regions Nope
Europe and Eurasia Fee $35 Testing in East Asia and Pacific Regions Nope
Middle East Fee $35 Testing in Middle East Nope
South and Central Asia Fee $40 Testing in South and Central Asia Nope
Scores by Phone $15 Per call! Nope
SAT Question and Answer Service $18 To verify your scores yourself Waiver available
SAT Student Answer Service $13.50 Shows you what questions you missed, level of difficulty, etc. Waiver Available
Multiple-Choice Verification $55 Have someone hand-score the multiple-choice parts of the SAT to verify your score Reduction available
Essay Score Verification $55 Have someone evaluate the first essay score Reduction available
Additional Score Reports $15 If you want to send scores to more than the four included schools Waiver available
Rush Score Reporting $31 or more Sends scores out within 2 business days Nope
Archived SAT Test Scores $30.50 or more If you want to see scores from the past Nope
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