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How Do I Register for the SAT?


SAT Scores Up As Record-Breaking Numbers Of Students Take The Test
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Question: How Do I Register for the SAT?

In order to register for the SAT, you first have to know the SAT Test Dates. Once you've established when you'd like to take the test, you follow these simple instructions to register for the SAT:

The Top 10 SAT Registration Questions With Answers!


Register for the SAT Online

In order to register for the SAT online:

Benefits of online registration: Immediate registration confirmation, choosing your test center and date in real time (so you'll know immediate availability), online access for corrections and printing of your registration ticket

Register for the SAT by Mail

In order to register for the SAT by mail:

  • Obtain a copy of the SAT Paper Registration Guide in your guidance counselor's office.
  • Find the College Board code numbers for college majors you're interested in, college and scholarship programs, test centers and high schools. You can find these code numbers on the College Board website by doing a code search or you can ask for the list of codes in your guidance counselor's office.
  • Look up your country code. The US code is 000.

Reasons to register by mail: You want to pay by check or money order. You are younger than 13. You need to test on a Sunday for religious reasons. There isn't a test center near your home. You're testing in certain countries that don't have online registration available.

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