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SAT Writing Practice Questions

Identifying Sentence Errors, Improving Sentences, Improving Paragraphs and Essay


SAT Writing Practice Basics

In order to improve your SAT score, you have to practice! Here are some SAT Writing practice questions, including identifying sentence errors, improving sentences, improving paragraphs, and even SAT essay prompts to help you study for the SAT.

SAT Math and Critical Reading Practice

Identifying Sentence Errors

Before you can take an "identifying sentence error" quiz on the SAT Writing section, it's imperative that you understand what that type of question involves. Click on the link to read the basics first, and then come back to take these practice quizzes.

  1. Identifying Sentence Errors Quiz 1
  2. Identifying Sentence Errors Quiz 2
  3. College Board Identifying Sentence Errors Practice

Improving Sentences

The "improving sentences" questions on SAT Writing section, aren't as easy as they sound. Read about these bad boys, and then come back to practice.

  1. Improving Sentences Quiz 1
  2. Improving Sentences Quiz 2
  3. College Board Improving Sentences Practice



Improving Paragraphs

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The last type of multiple-choice question on the SAT Writing section is the "improving paragraphs" question. Like always, you should check out the details first, and proceed to quizzing!

  1. Improving Paragraphs Quiz 1
  2. Improving Paragraphs Quiz 2
  3. College Board Improving Paragraphs Practice

SAT Essay Practice

The SAT essay, although separate from the SAT multiple-choice questions above, is definitely something you should practice writing. Here is a list of Sample SAT essay prompts, so you can get started!

  1. Sample SAT Essay Prompts 1
  2. Sample SAT Essay Prompts 2

Mix It Up

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Want to practice all three multiple-choice questions types at the same time, just like you'd see on the real SAT? Here ya go:

  1. SAT Writing Practice Test 1
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