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Teacher Resources for Standardized Tests

Prepping your class for a test? Check out the worksheets, handouts, study guides, quizzes, and more to get your students ready for the big day.
  1. Reading Comprehension Worksheets (6)

The Top 10 Gifts for High School Teachers
Of course the best gifts for teachers are the ones that come from the heart the carefully-penciled poems, the hand-crafted teacher paraphernalia, the not-quite-edible brownies. But here are some gifts for teachers that don't require too much time!

Best Gift You've Ever Received As A Teacher - What's the Best Gift You've...
As a teacher, you get a lot of gifts near the holidays, and I've certainly had some crazy ones - mashed brownies, shot glasses, and even a bread machine one year. But there are some gifts that just stick out more than others because of the generosity, kindness or personal touch. Teachers, what's the best gift you've ever received from a...

Vocabulary Lesson Plan - Mystery Vocabulary Letters Lesson Plan
Here's an easy vocabulary lesson plan that will allow your students to use their vocabulary words while being creative, too. This vocabulary lesson plan is an easy way to assess their vocabulary acquisition.

Vocabulary Lesson Plan - Concept Definition Map Vocabulary Lesson Plan
Synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech - they'll have to know them all for those vocabulary words you handed them last week! This free vocabulary lesson plan includes a pdf of a concept definition map ready to go for quick, easy planning. Try out this vocabulary lesson plan!

Vocabulary Lesson Plan - Picture Book Vocabulary Lesson Plan
Trying to get kids to learn vocabulary words is tough! This page offers a free creative vocabulary lesson plan with a pdf handout that's ready to go. Help those kids with their ACT, SAT, and PSAT vocabulary words, or just get them to learn the vocabulary words of the week with this vocabulary lesson plan.

Vocabulary Lesson Plan - Flash Fiction Vocabulary Lesson Plan
If you're running short on time and need a quick way to assess your students' vocabulary, try this free vocabulary lesson plan about flash fiction, complete with objectives, materials needed and Bloom's Taxonomy category. Try this vocabulary lesson plan now!

Vocabulary Lesson Plan - Word Box Vocabulary Lesson Plan
Need a creative vocabulary lesson plan? Create antonyms, synonyms, and sentences with vocabulary words in non-traditional vocabulary word boxes. Great for studying those SAT/ACT words! This vocabulary lesson plan is an easy one to adapt to your classroom.

Official Guide To the PSAT
Coaching your students for the PSAT? This guide should shed some light on the toughest questions you can fathom. Help your students reach their potential.

Handout - The 1000 Most Common SAT Words
Get your students ready for any curve ball the vocabulary on theSAT or ACT can toss at them. Batter up!

Interactive SAT Vocabulary Quiz
If your students are technologically savvy, (and which student isn't this day and age)this interactive SAT Vocabulary Quiz may be able to capture their interest better than your lecture on Greek roots. No offense.

How to Make an Inference
Having trouble with making inferences? Don't stress! Although you have to know how to make an inference on most standardized tests, there are easy ways to get proficient. Here's the lowdown on how to make an inference.

Interactive Greek and Latin Roots Quiz
Here's another interactive quiz to help the kids with vocabulary. They'll actually get a kick out of getting the answers right with a set-up fit for a kid of the 21st century.

Reading for the Main Idea
Need to know how to find the main idea? Check out the information here. You'll see ways to see implied and stated main ideas along with the 3 common mistakes people make when searching for this elusive concept.

Understanding Vocabulary Words in Context
One of the most profligate reading skills tested on standardized exams is understanding vocabulary words in context. You don't have to memorize the entire dictionary to understand vocabulary words, however. By understanding the clues around the vocabulary words in question, you can typically get the definitions, and hence the correct answer on...

Reading Comprehension Worksheet 3 Answers
Here is the answer key to my reading comprehension worksheet 3. This won't make too much sense without completing the reading comprehension practice questions on the worksheet 3 first, so get to it!

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