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Vocabulary Lesson Plan- Flash Fiction Vocabulary Lesson Plan

Vocabulary Lesson Plan for SAT, ACT, or PSAT Words!


Vocabulary Lesson Plan for Flash Fiction


Given a set of five vocabulary words, a student will be able to write a flash fiction piece using and spelling five vocabulary words correctly.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Category in the Cognitive Domain:

Synthesis: Builds a structure or pattern from diverse elements. Put parts together to form a whole, with emphasis on creating a new meaning or structure.

Grade Level:

High School because of flash fiction content; lesson can be adapted to middle school with a different flash fiction piece.

Materials Needed:

Copies of Nano-Hunk © 1999 G W Thomas for every student in class. See below

Transparency, PowerPoint, or copies of Student Instructions for every student in the class. See below


  1. Distribute copies of Nano-Hunk
  2. Read aloud
  3. Explain that this is a flash fiction piece; a short, short story, usually told in less than 250 words, but containing all the elements of a short story (exposition, complications, climax, and resolution – for review, see if they can locate each part)
  4. Place the transparency with the Student Instructions on the overhead, or distribute copies of the instructions.
  5. Review instructions, answering questions and going over rubric.
  6. Give them the rest of class except the last three minutes to work on their story.
  7. Vocabulary Flash Fiction pieces due at the end of class.

Review – Last Three Minutes:

Ask students to tell the person sitting next to them:

  1. The definition of a flash fiction piece
  2. One sentence of their story using a vocabulary word.


Grade their flash fiction pieces according to the provided rubric or your own scale.

Student Instructions

50 points

Write a Flash Fiction piece, using all five of your vocabulary words correctly. I will be grading you on the following:

  • Correct usage of vocabulary words (4 pts. each)
  • Correct spelling (3 pts. each)
  • Your attempts at story making! (15 pts.)

Your story is due at the end of class.

Flash fiction is a short, short story – it has all of the components of a story, but is usually told in less than 250 words. Keep your story short or you won’t be able to finish!!!

Flash Fiction: Nano-Hunk © 1999 G W Thomas

The first wave of nanobytes rearranged McElroy's metabolism. He could live on cheeseburgers and never need a bi-pass. No more love handles. Then they revived the hair follicles on his head, while killing those on his back and shoulders. No more bald spot, no more body hair. Last, they gave him the body of an Atlas and the face of Hollywood's latest hunk.

Six months later, McElroy put a gun to his perfect temple and blew his brains out over the back of the sofa. His suicide note said, simply, "You couldn't fix the broken parts."

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