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Vocabulary Word Box Lesson


Vocabulary Word Box Lesson

Your Students Count on You!

Don’t let them down when it comes to studying for the PSAT, ACT, or SAT. Help them remember their vocabulary words with these vocabulary word boxes. It’s easy, and it’s great for the kinesthetic learner – your students will be writing, rewriting, and consequently, learning. After all, isn’t that the point?

Here’s the Lesson Plan

  1. Distribute copies of the Vocabulary Word Box shown on the right. It’s easy to whip one up in Microsoft Word since the picture is so small – just use text boxes. I usually fit four to a page.
  2. Show students a copy of a Vocabulary Word Box completely filled out with an example vocabulary word.
  3. Then, fill out another Vocabulary Word Box together, having the students suggest words to go in the blanks.
  4. After they understand the concepts, instruct students to choose any number of their vocabulary words (I usually use five to get them started) and fill in the appropriate spots on their sheets. Vocabulary word goes in the middle, part of speech in the upper left, used in sentence in the upper right, antonym in the lower right, and synonym in the lower left.

This is also a good way to quiz students on their vocabulary words, because they can’t just rely on memorizing the definition – they actually have to understand how to use it.

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