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The Graduate Management Admission Test

Need to know the GMAT basics? Here they are: GMAT scores, format, content, testing facilities, free GMAT quizzes and more.

Current GMAT Vs. Next Generation GMAT
Find out the details about the Next Generation GMAT test format, here!

New GMAT Integrated Reasoning
Are you registering for the New GMAT? Here's the low-down on the new GMAT Integrated Reasoning section, including scores, question types and much more!

GMAT 101
Taking the GMAT? You'll need the basic info: GMAT scoring, practice quizzes, GMAT test prep, section descriptions, and more.

GMAT Scores for Top Business Schools
If you're starting the search for a great business school to attend, you need to know whether or not your GMAT scores will be good enough to get you in the door. Here are the mean, median and 80% range of GMAT scores for the top business schools in the country. Take a peek to see if your score falls in the range of admitted students for the top programs in the country.

Current GMAT Test Format
The Analytical Writing, Quantitative, and Verbal Sections can throw you for a loop on the GMAT if you're not prepared. Here's the breakdown of the sections.

What's a Good GMAT Score?
If you're asking yourself "What's a good GMAT score?", then this page can help answer that question. What's a good GMAT score and what isn't is explained in depth.

2014 GMAT Registration
Taking the GMAT in 2014? You won't if you don't register! Here are the 2014 GMAT registration facts. Get the details, here!

Free GMAT Quiz
If you're signed up for the GMAT, and need some serious GMAT prep, take this free GMAT quiz to help you decide what areas need work.

How Do I Find an Old GMAT Score?
If you need to find an old GMAT score, how do you do it? This page explains the particulars of finding that old GMAT score.

What Does the GMAT Cost?
Wondering what the GMAT is going to cost you? Here is the fee breakdown for the GMAT test, including rescheduling fees and cancellation refunds.

GMAT Quantitative Section
The GMAT Quantitative section, just one of the sections on the GMAT, is a tough one! Here, you'll find out what you need to know, including the types of questions, knowledge required, and testing limits, before you begin to practice.

GMAT Verbal Section
Every major standardized test has a Verbal section, and the GMAT is no exception. The GMAT Verbal section, just one of the three test sections on the GMAT, can be tricky, so check out what you need to know, here.

The GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment - GMAT AWA
The GMAT AWA - Analytical Writing Assessment - is one of the three sections on the GMAT Test. Check here for a breakdown of the Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument essay prompts with free sample questions.

PowerScore - GMAT Verbal Bible
Powerscore's GMAT Verbal Bible offers help for attacking the GMAT verbal questions. Check out the review for this GMAT prep book here.

What's on the GMAT Quantitative Section
The GMAT Quantitative Section has stumped a number of MBA hopefuls. Are you one of them? Here are the GMAT Quantitative basics, so you know what kind of GMAT math is in your future.

GMAT Quantitative Data Sufficiency Questions
Data sufficiency questions are just one of the two types on the GMAT Quantitative section. Although they account for the minority of the questions asked, they are tougher and require a bit more practice to get right. See here for the basics about the GMAT Quantitative data sufficiency questions

GMAT Verbal Sentence Correction Questions
The GMAT sentence corrections are just one of the three types on the Verbal section of the GMAT test. (The other two types are critical reasoning and reading comprehension.) These types of questions are considered to be the easiest on the Verbal section, but they can sure throw a curveball that will knock your socks off, too! Here's what you...

GMAT Quantitative Problem-Solving Questions
Problem-Solving Questions, just one of two types of questions on the GMAT Quantitative section, account for the majority of your Quantitative score. Do you know what they look like? Check here for the details about problem-solving questions on the GMAT test.

Best Graduate Business Schools in the U.S.
Not sure which business school to send that application to? Why not start at the top and move your way down? This list details the best business schools in the country.

GMAT Verbal Reading Comprehension Basics
The GMAT reading comprehension questions are just one of the three types on the Verbal section of the GMAT test. (The other two types are critical reasoning and sentence corrections) These types of questions aren't the toughest on the Verbal section, but they are definitely tougher than the sentence completions! Here's what you need to know!

The GMAT Scoring Scale
Ever wonder where your GMAT scores rank? This GMAT scoring scale gives you averages, percentiles and the newest statistics.

GMAT Verbal Critical Reasoning Questions
The GMAT critical reasoning questions are just one of the three types on the Verbal section of the GMAT test. Do you know how to ace them? Check here for the GMAT Verbal critical reasoning basics to see what these questions are all about.

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