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Average GRE Scores for the Top Private Universities

Top Private Universities' Average GRE Scores


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First, a caveat: almost every one of the top private universities in the country expressly state on their graduate admissions website that there are no minimum GRE scores required for admissions into their graduate programs. So breathe a little easier, okay?

However, some of these top private universities also state that the average GRE scores of their incoming students reflect the average GRE scores they are looking for in potential grad students, as well.

So, keep that in mind when you're studying for the GRE. Choose the school you want to get into, and go for the score that most of the admitted students have achieved.

Average GRE Scores for the Top Private Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):
Verbal: 580
Quantitative: 796
Writing: 5.3

Stanford University:
Verbal: 590
Quantitative: 780
Writing: 4.8

California Institute of Technology (CalTech):
Verbal: 600
Quantitative: 780
Writing: 5.0

Duke University:
Verbal: 600+
Quantitative: 600+
Writing: 4.5

University of Chicago:
Verbal: 580+
Quantitative: 780+
Writing: 4.0+

Northwestern University:
Verbal: 600+
Quantitative: 600+
Writing: 5.0+

Washington University in St. Louis:
Verbal: 617
Quantitative: 601
Writing: 5.0

Johns Hopkins University:
Verbal: 650
Quantitative: 710
Writing: 4.8

Rice University:
Verbal: 610
Quantitative: 750
Writing: 5.0

Emory University:
Verbal: 500-800
Quantitative: 500-800
Writing: 4.0-6.0

University of Notre Dame:
Verbal: 680
Quantitative: 763
Writing: 5.3

Vanderbilt University:
Verbal: 562
Quantitative: 772
Writing: 4.8

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