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LSAT Analytical Reasoning

The LSAT Analytical Reasoning Basics


LSAT Analytical Reasoning
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LSAT Analytical Reasoning Basics

The LSAT Analytical Reasoning section, or LSAT Games, as some people call it, is one of the three multiple-choice question types you'll see on the LSAT Test (the other two are Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension). There is also an LSAT Writing sample, which doesn't affect your overall score. Here's what you need to know about LSAT Analytical Reasoning, a section that does affect your score!

LSAT Analytical Reasoning Stats:

  • One section out of five on the LSAT
  • 5 sets of approximately 4-5 questions. Each is related to one prompt.
  • 35 minutes

Skills Tested

  • Determining relationships between concepts
  • Understanding a rule’s effect on an outcome
  • Drawing conclusions based on set guidelines

Question Design

Basically, you’re going to be playing reasoning games like where to place guests at a table if Susie can’t sit next to Tom or Jack, and Jack must be placed by his third cousin who is also wearing yellow. You know, fun games like that. Here's a sample taken from the 2007 LSAT test:

LSAT Analytical Reasoning Sample Question

There are exactly three recycling centers in Rivertown: Center 1, Center 2, and Center 3. Exactly five kinds of material are recycled at these recycling centers: glass, newsprint, plastic, tin, and wood. Each recycling center recycles at least two but no more than three of these kinds of material. The following conditions must hold:

Any recycling center that recycles wood also recycles newsprint.
Every kind of material that Center 2 recycles is also recycled at Center 1.
Only one of the recycling centers recycles plastic, and that recycling center does not recycle glass.

Which one of the following is a complete and accurate list of the recycling centers in Rivertown any one of which could recycle plastic?

(A) Center 1 only
(B) Center 3 only
(C) Center 1, Center 2
(D) Center 1, Center 3
(E) Center 1, Center 2, Center 3

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