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2014 LSAT Score Release Dates

LSAT Score Release Dates


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If you've taken the LSAT and are wondering when you're going to get your LSAT score, then take a peek at the following dates to see when you'll get yours via email. (It's always about three weeks after you take the test. Add about a week if your score is getting mailed, and remember, all these LSAT score release dates are approximate. Things happen!

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2014 LSAT Score Release Dates

LSAT Test Dates LSAT Scores Available Via Internet LSAT Scores Mailed
Dec. 7 & 9, 2013 Jan. 6, 2014 Jan. 13, 2014
Feb. 8 & 10, 2014 March 5, 2014 March 13, 2014
June 9, 2014 July 7, 2014 July 14, 2014
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