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Study for an Exam in Two Days

How to Study for an Exam in Two Days


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How to study for any test

Your teacher has given you the warning, "Study for an exam coming up!" weeks ago, but you didn't listen. You've given yourself just two days to study for an exam. Should you be worried? Maybe not. Not if you learn how to study for an exam properly. Sure, your time management skills may not be all they're cracked up to be, but at least you didn't resort to studying the night before the test, or worse – cramming.

So here is a schedule to help you study for an exam in two days. Read on!

Study for an Exam Day 1: Ask, Organize and Review

In School:

  1. Ask your teacher what type of exam it will be. Multiple choice? Essay? That'll make a difference in how you prepare
  2. Ask your teacher for a review sheet if he/she hasn't already given you one. (i.e. test content)
  3. Get a study partner set up for tomorrow night if possible – even via phone/facebook/Skype.
  4. Take home your notes, old quizzes, textbook, assignments and handouts from the unit being tested.

At Home:

  1. Organize your notes. Rewrite or type them up so they're legible. Organize your handouts according to dates. Make note of anything you're missing. (Where's the vocab quiz from chapter 2?)
  2. Review the material you have. Go through the review sheet to find out what you're supposed to know. Read through your quizzes/handouts/notes, highlighting anything you'll be tested on. Go through your book's chapters, rereading sections that were confusing to you/unclear/not memorable. Ask yourself the questions from the back of each chapter covered by the exam. Stay focused!

Study for An Exam Day 2: Memorize and Quiz

In School:

  1. Clarify anything you didn't totally understand with your teacher. Ask for missing items (that vocab quiz from chapter 2).
  2. Teachers often review the day before an exam, so if he or she is reviewing, pay close attention and write down anything you didn't read the night before. If the teacher mentions it today – it's on the exam, guaranteed!
  3. Confirm study date with a friend for this evening.

At Home:

  1. Set a timer for 45 minutes, and memorize everything on the review sheet that you don't already know using mnemonic devices like acronyms or singing a song. Take a five-minute break when the timer goes off, and get started again for another 45-minutes. Repeat until your study partner arrives.
  2. Quiz. When your study partner arrives (or you mom finally concedes to quizzing you), take turns asking possible exam questions to each other. Make sure each of you has a turn asking and answering because you'll learn the material best by doing both.

5 Things To Do the Day of The Exam

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