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5 Things To Do the Day of the Test

What To Do the Day of the Test in School


Everyone has those nervous butterflies zipping around in their insides the day of the test, but when you have just minutes before your teacher, professor, or proctor distributes the test, what else can you do? It's already the day of the test! Sure, it's probably too late to learn Quantitative Reasoning strategies for the GRE, but the day of the test is not too late to engage in some helpful activities that will increase your score on a test in school.

15 Things NOT To Do the Day of A Standardized Exam Like the SAT, GRE, and More

1. Prepare Physically.

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On the day of the test, head to the bathroom before you get to class. Get a drink of water. Eat a breakfast that involves brain food! Exercise. Prepare yourself physically before you take your exam, so your body isn't zing-zonging messages to your brain that will distract you. Nothing says, "Poor score" like a hungry belly growling during testing time, or restless legs itching to get up and move.

2. Review.

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Go through your review sheet or flashcards one last time. Your eyes may glimpse some small fact that will show up on the test, and that last look will help you remember it.

3. Calm down.

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Overcome your test anxiety. Getting anxious about your exam will not help you score your highest! So take some calming breaths and relax. You'll be fine.

4. Flex.

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Yes, I do mean flex your muscles. No, you don't have to do the whole, "Which way to the gym?" bicep flex. Just clench and unclench your fists, calf muscles, quads. Anything you can flex and unflex sitting down. By bunching and releasing your muscles, you'll rid yourself of any remaining anxiety leftover from your calming activities before.

5. Chat

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Unless you're specifically told not to, chat up the people sitting next to you the day of the test. What did they think was important to remember? Someone may bring up a fact you never went over. Pick their brains and see if you find anything worth remembering. If you like, quiz each other to test your memories even better.

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