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Vocabulary Lists

Here are vocabulary lists to help you study for the SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, ACT and more!

GRE Vocabulary Word List
A list of GRE vocabulary words from Barron's available as a pdf or text document. Also, choose to print the full GRE vocabulary list, or just hand-held notes.

Barron's GRE Word List
One of Barron's lists for GRE vocabulary words, with additional definitions provided by the list's poster.

Graduate's Hotline Vocabulary Word Groups
Arranged by theme, instead of alphabetically, use these vocabulary word groups to increase your memorization of vocabulary words.

Sounkeepers Vocabulary Words
Here, GRE vocabulary words are broken down into smaller lists. Download them as flashcards to your iPhone or print the lists.

5,000 Collegiate Words and Definitions
If your memory is MENSA-like, try memorizing this list of vocabulary words (or even 1/4 of it). It's almost a collegiate dictionary, but you could be sure to score incredibly high on the Verbal section of your standardized test if you could learn it!

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