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Reader Submissions: Who has the Messiest Desk in America?


Okay, I'm not a neat-freak by any means, but I manage to get my work done despite my messy desk! Is your desk a candidate for the title of "Messiest Desk in America?" Post a picture of your messy desk and tell us a little more!

Is it Hopeless?

1. Don't know where some things go.2. Get so involved in things I don't want to stop and take things like empty bottles and dirty dishes downstairs (plus there's no counter space for them in kitchen,…More

Guinness' Messy Desk

I'm not especially messy, but I am disorganized. If I were more organized, I could handle messes, but as it is, I can't get anything done in a big mess. It's too distracting and I wind up cleaning in…More

Kelly's Messy Desk

Staying organized takes a little stick-with-itness that I don't have when it comes to organizing stuff. My work is organized like crazy - My notes in college were organized to almost obsessiveness; m…More

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