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Readers Respond: What's Your SAT Registration Question?

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Sometimes, it can get a little confusing when it comes time to register for the SAT. Do you have an SAT registration question that just isn't getting answered? Post it here! I'll answer it personally. You never know...you may be helping out another student just like you.

College board

I took my sat 3 days ago. My first name is Nicholas but my college board name is Nick. They told me to put the name that was on your admission slip (nick) so I did. Should I call them about this? All of the other info and security stuff is correct on cboard ANSWER: Your scores will show up accurately. They will have assigned you a registration number and will post your results with that.
—Guest Nickweb


I registered to take the SAT June 2 but i wasnt able to go, what should i do now? Cancel my scores? Will i get a zero? Who should i contact regarding this issue? I looked on College Board but they dont answer this, please help! ANSWER: Don't worry! Colleges will not even see that you registered to take the exam on that date, and for $25, you can transfer the registration fee you've already paid to register for a new date in the fall. Your paid fee serves as a credit. You will not get a zero and don't need to contact anyone unless you'd like to register for another exam in the fall.
—Guest Manuela

Can't find my scores

I registered for May's test in the Amideast here in Lebanon and completed the test. I made an account on college board but can't find where to put my registration number to view my scores. It's not appearing that i took the test.. can you help? i rly wanna know my scores.. thanks:) ANSWER: I'll bet you do! Your score report will be mailed to you three weeks from when you took the test. In the meantime, if you're really frustrated, you can contact the College Board to see if they can help you locate your scores: international@collegeboard.org
—Guest Farah


Does the Philippines allow stand-by testing? I failed to reach the deadline. ANSWER: Yes, unless you're older than 21 years. Show up no later than 7:15 with your ID to see if there is a seat for you.
—Guest abc


I'm currently in India, studying in 11th grade. Can I take the SATs this year? ANSWER: Definitely! I recommend taking the SAT once in the spring of your junior year and once in the fall of your senior year in case you didn't like your spring score. Here's where you can register for an International test site: http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-international-dates
—Guest Priyushi

change test date

I had registered for the June 02 test. Now, i intend to change the date and shift it to October. The problem is that no more dates have been published yet and i need to change the date urgently due to passport issues. please guide me through the process. ANSWER: Your upcoming October test date is on October 6th. http://testprep.about.com/od/registrationinfo/a/SAT_Test_Dates.htm

Standby and registration form

Do they have registration forms at SAT test centers? I am going to register as standby but do not have a registration form. ANSWER: Yes. If you're testing standby, just show up with a valid ID and test registration fees. Please keep in mind that you'll be paying more to test standby, so keep a checkbook or credit card with you!

school doesn't have paper regn. guide..

my school doesn't have sat paper registration guide(form as well). can i get it elsewhere? also, can i register now for the june 2,2012 test by MAIL? (m frm india) ANSWER: Yes, you can register right now for the June 2 SAT. You can do so right online or by mail: http://testprep.about.com/od/satfaqs/f/Register_SAT.htm

need to know

1. Can I take the SAT and TOEFL in the 11th grade? ANSWER: Yep! 2. Can I repeat these tests? ANSWER: Yes! As often as you'd like, and with the SAT, you can report whichever scores you'd like to report with the Score Choice Option. 3. Are the tests obligatory for all careers? ANSWER: They are not obligatory for all careers, but for college admission at many universities. 4. Can I practice on PBT.s for IBT.s? ANSWER: The PBT and IBT are quite different. I'd recommend practicing on a simulated IBT for the IBT test because the PBT tests the same skills in a different way. 5. What is the cost of theses tests? ANSWER: http://testprep.about.com/od/sat/f/SATFAQ_Cost.htm, http://testprep.about.com/od/registrationinfo/a/TOEFL_Reg.htm 6. Do I have to be accepted at a school before i take the tests? ANSWER: You need to take the tests prior to applying to schools. 7. How long are the results valid for? ANSWER: TOEFL = 2 yrs. SAT = 5 yrs. 8. Do the results come to me directly? ANSWER: Yes, but they will also go to the schools to which you're applying if you mark them down as score recipients when you test. The first four schools are sent scores for free.

I cannot find my college name in sat lis

I cannot find my college name in collegeboard site while registerting for sat exam.Is it ok to skip college name. ANSWER: Yes. That question is asked so the College Board will know where to send your SAT scores. If you can't find your university you may need to request a college code for them so your scores get to where they need to go!
—Guest ramsai


Is there any tests of SAT I in october 2012? I am busy with my exams till june so i won't be able to prepare my self. ANSWER: Yes! The SAT will be administered on October 6, 2012. If that's too early, it'll come around again on November 3, 2012.
—Guest Boghani16


i m indian student...aspiring to appear for SAT on 2 june 2012. i need to pursue an undergraduate course such as b.tech in civil or b.arch or b.tech nanotechnology.....how can i find best colleges for them through SAT? and also... what are these SAT subject tests? what are they for? and is TOEFL or IELTS required together with SAT? ANSWER: You don't find colleges through the SAT test. The SAT test is a college admissions exam designed to give admissions officers a quick look at the test-taking skills you have. That's it. A good score can help you gain access to the schools to which you're interested in applying, but it definitely will not recommend schools for you. You'll need to research that yourself!. The SAT Subject tests are a group of exams designed to show your proficiency in a particular subject area, ranging from English to Chemistry to Chinese. And regarding the TOEFL, it is not required with the SAT, but you may be required to take one or the other depending on the school to which you apply. You'll definitely need to show English language proficiency, and those tests are one way to do it. Best of luck to you!
—Guest rajeev


I'm suppose to take the SAT on may 5,2012 but haven't applied to colleges and haven't decided either. So could I use my SAT scores later when I'm sure about the colleges to apply too? I'm a senior from india. I'll be graduating april 2013 . ANSWER: Hi Savvy! Take the SAT now, when all that knowledge from school is fresh in your mind. Some of the math will slip away from you the longer you put it off after high school. Take the SAT this May- your scores are good for several years!
—Guest Savvy

SAT exam dates for 2013 in India

I belong to India and wanted to know about the dates when SAT would be conducted in India in 2013. ANSWER: Those dates aren't published yet, but you can be sure you'll have six opportunities: January, May, June, October, November and December.

SAT says my address is invalid

SAT always says that my address is invalid! I do not live in the US and want to register for the test in Germany.... My address is: 1. street name, house number 2. postal code, City but it does not work. I already tried different combinations but no... what shall I do? ANSWER: Sometimes there are glitches in the system. It sounds like a technical issue, so your best bet is to contact the College Board directly. They will help you register on the phone, so you can take the test! http://sat.collegeboard.org/contact
—Guest GN

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