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Readers Respond: What's Your SAT Registration Question?

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Sometimes, it can get a little confusing when it comes time to register for the SAT. Do you have an SAT registration question that just isn't getting answered? Post it here! I'll answer it personally. You never know...you may be helping out another student just like you. Post It Here!

last name suffix

when i registered for the sat i didn't put JR after my last name. On my ID it has Jr on it will that be a issue? ANSWER: No! You'll be just fine without the suffix.
—Guest Chris

My given name..

I wasn't able to put my second name in my registration but in my ID, I have my full name. Do I need to edit my name? My full name is Chelsi Kanani A. Montemayor but I only entered Chelsi A Montemayor, because I can't complete my second name.. Pleease I really need help..ANSWER: Your name on the SAT has to match your name on your ID. You should have put Chelsi as your first name and KananiA as your second. You'll need to contact the College Board to fix it to avoid any confusion when your test results are submitted.
—Guest Chelsi

Billing Info

This is my second time registering for SAT so I knew what I was doing BUT when I was filling out the billing info, I clicked submit and realized It had my name (since It automatically put it there) instead of my mothers. Is this an issue? (Everything was filled out correctly) ANSWER: Have your mother check to see if her credit card was charged for your registration fee. If it wasn't, then it didn't go through and you'll need to pay again.
—Guest xz

Registered Name

Hi, I only registered my first and last name but my full name contains a middle name and Jr as stated in my ID, do I have to contact the college board people and change it? ANSWER: You can omit your middle name when registering, but you cannot have a DIFFERENT middle name. So, you are all set!
—Guest Alfredo


is there a mark that shows your picture is valid for the sat registration ticket? ANSWER: Yes. Your picture will not be accepted if your picture is not valid.
—Guest badreddine

SAT Date

I took the test, but accidentally put the wrong month on the date on my actual test. Will that affect anything? What do I do? Will they take points off? Or void my test? Please help! ANSWER: That happens all the time. You will not miss points for putting the wrong month and it will not be voided. You'll get your scores back with everyone else.
—Guest Vjunior

Picture Problem

I originally registered for the May 2014 SATs but had to reschedule to June because of another Issue. On my admission ticket photo I had braids but my counselor made me change the picture because the top of my head was cut off we took a totally last minute picture to replace it & with the lighting & my hair , it looks way different than before. I've finished registering for the June SATs but I know that by the time they come around I'm going to have twists & I have a bad feeling there will be problems related to my picture come the day of testing. I have a different & acceptable photo of me with braids that I'd like to use & replace the current one but my registration status is "complete" & I don't know how to go back & change it. Can somebody please help. The test is a month away & I need this changed as soon as possible. ANSWER: Your hairstyle will not affect the photo. The people checking your photo at the testing center will be able to tell if it's you whether or not you have have braids. =) No worries!
—Guest G

Name too long

my given name on my passport is "Sana Mohammad Anwar" and my surname is "Abid" how do i fill in my name for the SAT ticket. if I write it as First name: SanaMohammad (since it won't let me write with a space) and Surname: Anwar Abid is that fine? ANSWER: I would use SanaMohammad as your first name, and Anwar as your middle name. Use Abid for your surname.
—Guest sana

Score recipients

I did the SATs in October and chose the 4 score recipients but realised I didn't want to apply to two of the schools I sent them to after looking more closely at them but I didn't change them within 9 days. Should I email the school to let them know? ANSWER: Schools are used to getting truckloads of SAT score information that they'll never use. There's no need to contact the schools to let them know you're not interested. They'll realize that when you don't apply.
—Guest Julian

Gender identification

What if im biologically a female and putted on the sat registeration as a male, although i put every other information properly (my photo, full legal name etc). What would happen? ANSWER: You'll need to change it to match your biological gender, even if that is different than your real gender identity.
—Guest No name

First and Last name switched

my full name in my passport is Korres Vasel Rachel; however, my student visa in the u.s says Rachel Vasel Korres, i registered with the name Rachel V Korres, is this a problem? my test is in Nov 2nd and can i change this? ANSWER: It would only be a problem if you registered with Rachel Vasel Korres, and your ID didn't have your middle name or something. Your ID should be accepted when you arrive.

SAT Subject and Reasoning test

is it possible to take both SAT and SAT subject test on the same day. Will it be too tiring? ANSWER: You can certainly register for an SAT subject test and the SAT on the same day. I don't think it will be too tiring for you, unless you need accommodations in some way. You'll have time between the tests to grab a snack, walk around a bit, etc.
—Guest Gautham

Name Too Long

My first name is Stephanie Pei Wen on my ID card. However, when I fill in the form, I need to omit Wen due to the limit. Would this cause a problem? ANSWER: Fill in as much of your name as possible and don't include the spaces. When you show up to test, it will be accepted.
—Guest Stephanie

Change picture for SAT on 2nd Nov

The picture which I uploaded is not acceptable so need to change it.Pls guide me ANSWER: Here are the College Board acceptable photo requirements: http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/photo-requirements
—Guest Kriti Thakur

Test centre trouble

No centre is administering the SAT Subject tests in chennai. What shall I do? ANSWER: You'll need to travel! Unfortunately, not ever test center administers all the subject tests. If you can't find one close to you, you'll have to travel to take the exams.
—Guest Sruti

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