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Readers Respond: You Know You Need a Tutor When...

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Look. We're not all super-genius rocket scientists with 4.0 GPA's and scholarships dripping from our fingers. Sometimes, we need a little help! I'm not above mentioning it. Acknowledging it, even. Embracing it, if I must.

My fill-in-the-blank to this question would be, "You know you need a tutor when your little brother scored higher on a practice SAT than you did and he was in eighth grade at the time."

So 'fess up. Share your own silly, scary, or serious fill-in-the-blanks for the above phrase. And if you're feeling up to it, rat out someone else. We all love a little gossip - just don't mention any names!

low score!

your score on the lsat can't get you into The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, which is ranked 97th in the country.
—Guest j feldman

You're dumb

You know you need a tutor when your teacher actually laughs while he's grading your Physics midterm. True story.
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