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Fishing for SAT Essay Strategies? Good. Here are 10!


Relax. They aren't going to bite. These 10 SAT essay strategies may, in fact, send you sailing smoothly into the crystal clear waters of essay perfection. So, grab a net and climb aboard!

Writing Help for the SAT and Beyond
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College Board Releases Info About Redesigned SAT

Wednesday April 16, 2014

scantronCurious about the design of the new SAT coming in 2016? Then, by all means, take a peek! The College Board has issued a draft of the test specifications.

The College Board, does, however, caution against taking the draft as the final copy. The changes are indicative of what's to come, but may be amended based on continual research.

For the time being, though, browse through the document to see a close approximation of the impending changes for the SAT exam.

Current SAT Info:


Test Prep Tasty Tidbit: Help Your Teen Set Study Expectations

Tuesday April 15, 2014

High School BoyHere's your test prep tasty tidbit of the week. Eat 'em up!

Help Your Teen Set Study Expectations

Sit down with your kid to determine the goals he or she has set for the semester (A-average, raising a grade in Spanish, etc.). If your teenager doesn't have any, set some goals together. Make them SMAART! Then, explain that you'd like to help him or her reach those goals, so you'll need help in setting up some expectations for the study sessions. Together, you could come up with some rules like "Facebook and cell phones can be used after you're ready for the test or iPods should be set to great music for studying, etc." Decide on some sort of reward system to enforce the ground rules (B's or above on the report card gets a later curfew on Friday nights?) and see if it makes a difference. If your kid's grades are slipping, you'll know that the study rules aren't being kept (and your kid will know that you know).

Need more help studying with your teenager? Check out these four ways to help him or study here!

ACT Video Winners!

Thursday April 10, 2014

Did you submit a video for the ACT video contest? Scholarships were at stake! If you did, but didn't win, here's a look at the video winners so you can see exactly what you were up against.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Top 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Calculators and the ACT
1st Place - $1,000 scholarship
Jordan Pin, Oronoco, MN View video.

2nd Place - $500 scholarship
Scott Svare, Savage, MN View video.

Strategies for Taking the ACT
1st Place - $1,000 scholarship
Corey McCrea, Memphis, NY View video.

2nd Place - $500 scholarship
Edward Seitz, Hometown, IL View video.

What is the ACT?
1st Place - $1,000 scholarship
Vincent Capuano, Kissimmee, FL View video.

2nd Place - $500 scholarship
Austin Sanders, Monmouth, IA View video.

Last-Minute Pointers for the ACT on April 12

Tuesday April 8, 2014

ACT Strategy SmartEek! This is it! The week of the ACT exam has arrived if you've registered for the April 12 exam.

Here are a few last-minute pointers before the big day:

  • Answer the Easy Questions First: If the question seems ridiculously difficult to you, don't waste several minutes trying to figure it out. Those tough questions aren't worth any more points than the easy ones. Circle it, skip it, and go back if you have time.
  • Choose Two Guessing Letters: If you only have one minute left, but you have a ton of questions still waiting to be answered, then choose two guessing letters (one for the ABCD questions and one for the FGHJ questions) and fill in the remaining ovals with those letters only. For instance, alternate "B" with "G" to quickly fill in the blanks. You aren't penalized for guessing, and if you choose various letters, you run the risk of missing the correct answer every time. If you choose the same letter, however, then you're guaranteed to get the correct answer at least a few times.
  • Answer Questions in Your Test Booklet: Instead of going back and forth between the test booklet and the oval sheet, just answer all the questions right in your test booklet. Every 10 questions, go to the oval sheet and fill them all in. You'll be less likely to make a mistake and it saves you time!

These strategies and more are all explained in my book, ACT Strategy Smart. A few are divulged on here - 21 Ways to Boost Your ACT Score.

Good luck on the ACT this weekend. I'm rooting for you!


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