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Fishing for SAT Essay Strategies? Good. Here are 10!


Relax. They aren't going to bite. These 10 SAT essay strategies may, in fact, send you sailing smoothly into the crystal clear waters of essay perfection. So, grab a net and climb aboard!

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Like It Or Not, Your Scores Follow You Around

Tuesday April 22, 2014

ScantronIn a blog post in the New York Times, Shannon Doyne asks students the question, "Should employers be able to review job applicant's SAT scores?"

Whether or not your answer to that question is a "yes," you may have to provide your SAT scores for a job application, anyway.

The rationale? When a HR department gets a zillion applications for one job and has to sort through a bunch of resumes to get to the handful they'll interview, there has to be some basis for that sorting. Typically, HR departments and hiring managers will look at things like experience, expertise in the field, GPA in associated classes, etc., but often, entry-level applicants don't have too much in the way of experience. So, instead of wasting money on interviewing everyone they think could fit, they'll weed out applicants based on those percentiles.

Is it fair? Probably not.

Is it going to happen to you? It could.

Personally, if I were hoping for a top-notch entry-level job, I'd certainly want my scores to be at the top of the pack just in case my job depended on them.

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This Week in Test Dates

Sunday April 20, 2014

What's coming up this week in test dates? Here are the registration deadlines, test administrations, score release dates and more!

Week: April 20 - April 26

Thursday, April 24


Free SAT Prep Through Number2.com

Thursday April 17, 2014

Dollars and CentsHave you registered to take the SAT on May 3? If so, you should be armpits-deep in your test prep right about now. If you haven't started and cashiola is the reason, then consider this: you don't have to be a billionaire to get good, quality SAT prep. Nope. You do not.

There are a bunch of sources for free SAT prep, and Number2.com is one of them. Over 2 million students and counting have used the site for test prep. You'll find practice exams, questions and words of the day to help you get ready to nail the SAT. There is even a space for a "coach" like a parent, tutor, or teacher to sign in and track your progress, so they'll know how to tailor their SAT tutoring for you. (This is a good thing. I promise). The SAT Companion (also free) automatically adapts to your skill level and can send you an email reminder about studying, not that you'd need that or anything.

So, quit bellyaching about your empty wallet and get busy. You have an exam coming up!

College Board Releases Info About Redesigned SAT

Wednesday April 16, 2014

scantronCurious about the design of the new SAT coming in 2016? Then, by all means, take a peek! The College Board has issued a draft of the test specifications.

The College Board, does, however, caution against taking the draft as the final copy. The changes are indicative of what's to come, but may be amended based on continual research.

For the time being, though, browse through the document to see a close approximation of the impending changes for the SAT exam.

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