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Kelly Roell

Kelly Roell

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Kelly C. Roell, your Guide to Test Preparation, never met a person she couldn't motivate, and gets a kick out of cheerleading people to their fullest potential.

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As an author, certified teacher, and lecturer, Kelly has had an array of test preparation experience. She worked as a high school English and Reading teacher for years in one of the nation's top-ranking school districts, instructing students in the many facets of local, state and national testing. Her test prep skills helped her administer an SAT test preparation course to advanced high school students, guiding them to focus their potential and increase their scores. She has also worked in the private sector as a tutor, motivating students to move from failure to excellence in reading, writing, and speech.

Most recently, Kelly has authored an ACT test prep book, ACT Strategy Smart, published by the Research and Education Association, Inc. She also writes test-taking tips and articles for grades K - 6 on MSN.com.


Kelly has her master's degree in Secondary English Education, and her BA in English with a creative writing specialty.

By Kelly Roell:

People want to succeed. There is just something in us that drives us to do better, be better, live better. That's why standardized tests exist in the first place. Someone decided that filling in ovals on multiple-choice exams could boost us toward this common human goal. Whether you agree with this philosophy or not, you'll still end up taking the test. That's where I come in. My goal is to help you find your own personal success, whether that comes from learning how to focus while studying, earning scholarships from your SAT score, or making it into the top medical school in the country. Hopefully, I'll succeed in my venture, too.

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